Pretty Little Liars 06x02 [SPOILERS]

By now, if you are a die-hard member of the #PLLArmy, you probably have seen the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars. In the previous episode, the Liars escaped from A's dollhouse, Charles DiLaurentis was confirmed to be a character (one which Mrs. DiLaurentis had known), and we have learned that Sara Harvey is alive and has been inside of A's dollhouse for a very long time. After much anticipation for this week's episode, I feel as if this episode has failed us, once again, to give us clues or answers which we have been waiting five years for. Don't get me wrong, It was entertaining and useful in character progression, but it left out the one thing most anticipated for--Answers.  

Who the heck is Charles? Is Charles definitely A? Is Andrew Charles? If not, is Andrew A? Why was Sara Harvey in the dollhouse? 

Recap of the PLL 06x02 

  •  The episode begins with the Liars all in the hospital around Spencer's bedside. Hanna overheard people talking by the ambulance about how they found journals and other evidence of Andrew's obsession with the girls. The girls discuss whether they believe Andrew is A/Charles. While Aria is extremely convinced thus to be true, and Emily questions the thought, Spencer tries to remind the girls that they have been through a harsh reality lately and need to be rational and leave it to the police to investigate whether he is guilty or not. 
  • Toby finds Andrew in the woods, attempts to confront him in an aggressive way and is intervened by his new partner, Lorenzo Calderon . Instead, Toby just arrests him.
  • At home, Alison is lectured by her father how she should not have put herself in danger to help find the missing Liars. Alison asks her father who Charles DiLaurentis is and he immediately shuts down the thought with a face full of suspicion. 
  • Emily visits Sara in her hospital room to ask Sara questions as to how she ended up in the doll house and who brought her down there, but Sara gave little detail, telling her she is tired and did not want to talk about it.
  • The girls are sent home from the hospital and begin their coping process from the trauma caused by Charles and the doll house. They continue to have flashbacks from the dollhouse and begin dealing with it in their own way. 
  • Hanna tries to do a full room make-over to try to repress the trauma from the replica of her bedroom within the dollhouse. 
  • Spencer has a fit when her mother prevents her from getting anti-anxiety pills to help her sleep at night. Mrs. Hastings argues that she did it to prevent Spencer from being addicted to pills again.Spencer later steals anti-anxiety pills from Aria. She does not end up using it, though, because her mother notices her insomnia and suggests they watch a movie together until they both can fall asleep
  • Aria talks to the investigators and lies about seeing Andrew's face within the doll house to try to get him put away in jail. 
  • Emily resorts to shooting at a gun range to get rid of her anger 
  • The episode ends with Sara Harvey showing up at Emily's house at night. She had ran away from home because she is convinced that her mother does not like her and she is the reason her mother is unhappy. She then tells Emily she has seen Andrew on TV recently with being accused of being the mastermind of the dollhouse. She asks whether Emily believes she is sure Andrew is the guy. 

My Thoughts

  • I honestly don't think Andrew is Charles or A. This is simply because that is too easy. For the five years of watching Pretty Little Liars, when has an important clue been revealed that easily? Honestly. I think he's really creepy and he's surely up to something, but I do not think he is the infamous A. 
  • I like how there was character progression within this episode. As "filler" as this episode seems, I think it was still important because if Marlene were to go straight into clue after clue, without showing the affect the dollhouse had on the Liars, I do not think it would have been as realistic. I feel for the Liars. I wouldn't blame them if they went completely insane. That was a traumatizing experience that anyone can agree would mess a person up. 
  • I think it is important to note that Sara Harvey's mother seemed to have been enjoying the fact that Sara was seemingly dead. Sara explains to Emily that she ran away from home the second time because her mother made it seem as if Sara coming back had ruined her life--because she enjoyed the attention. This may or may not be a major role in future story progression. Maybe Sara's mother had something to do with Sara's disappearance? Maybe she didn't, I'm over analyzing this, and she just enjoys basking in attention. 
  • Didn't it seem strange that Mr. DiLaurentis did not even hesitate to say that "there is no Charles DiLaurentis in this family!" ? Don't you think? There must be secrets which will unravel within the next couple of episodes. Clearly Mrs. DiLaurentis knew him, because of the home video we were shown in Welcome to the Dollhouse 05x25 and Game On Charles 06x01. 
  • For all we know, maybe Charles' last name isn't even DiLaurentis? I know his initials are C.D., but maybe the D stands for something else? Does anyone even know Mrs. DiLaurentis' maiden name? Maybe Charles is her nephew? Or maybe he is the son of another man who she had an affair with? She seems to have many affairs within this show. 

I'm really hoping for more answers soon! 
Let me know what you guys think!


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