Pretty Little Liars 06x04 Recap & Thoughts [SPOILERS]

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Whether you are a proud member of the #PLLArmy or a casual PLL watcher, we can all agree that this show is getting pretty ridiculous with how long we have been waiting for answers. Since there is a new episode tomorrow night, I thought this may be helpful for anyone who wanted a recap before the episode begins tomorrow. Last week, on Pretty Little Liars...

Answers Galore! But not really? Kind of? This episode of Pretty Little Liars gave us answers, but exactly what we were looking for. With every answer we get, we get three more questions. Why Marlene, why!

In the previous episode, Andrew was released from the police station with no evidence of him being the one to have detained the girls in the doll house. This means whomever did this to the girls is still out there! Spencer is still struggling with sleeping and not having anti-anxiety pills. Sarah Harvey is having issues coping with having to live a normal life, while not wanting to seek medical or psychological help. The girls also have began to get messages from A again. Oh and not to mention, Alison finally asked her father who Charles is, but we got lied to because he claimed that Charles was Jason's imaginary friend--only to find in a photo album that there is another boy, whom COULD be Charles. Once we finally were about to find out who that boy was, the episode ended... Okay.

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PLL 06x04 Recap

  • The episode begins with the girls huddled around Alison, as Alison tells the girls that the boy in the photo that Alison showed her father is Charles and it is confirmed that he is her brother
  • Plot Twist: Charles is dead. He was institutionalized at Radley because he was too dangerous to live with. He died while Mr. DiLaurentis was away on a business trip and Mrs. DiLaurentis had him cremated. 
  • Sara Harvey refuses to get psychological help, after her traumatic experience in the doll house for two years.
  • As the girls search for death records of Charles, none have been found.
  • Spencer continues to struggle with her sleep anxiety, falling as low as searching through Aria's garbage can for the anxiety pills Aria threw out. 
  • The girls sneak into River Hill Data Center to try to retrieve Charles' Radley file to see if the record says that he really died. When they finally finding his files, there was no record of his death, but in the visitors log, they find that Alison's Great-Aunt Carol 
  • Emily's mother discusses with Emily how Sara should not be staying with them because they cannot help her if she does not want to be helped, not realizing Sara could hear them through the door 
  • Spencer resorts to marijuana, since she cannot get access to anxiety pills, to calm her nerves 
  • Sara runs away from Emily's home over night  
  • Jason reveals that after being hurt in the elevator accident, he went to Great-Aunt Carol's house to try to hide out. He found his mother in the house, heard a smash sound inside the house. His mother refused to let him stay in the house for the night and said the smash was just the wind. 
  • Alison, Jason, Spencer and Hanna make s trip to Great-Aunt Carol's house to see if anyone is actually living in the house. 
  • Meanwhile, Aria is at Hollis University developing photos she has been taking. She is left with a surprise from A-- pink hair dye--with a note saying "You're MY doll, bitch. - A". She suddenly gets a flashback from the doll house. When trying to escape the dark room after her surprise from A. Clark, a new character, saves her. They share photos, in the other room, and he lets Aria keep one. 
  • Back to Aunt Carol's house, the group checks around the property to look for any clues of Charles. They find a headstone for Charles DiLaurentis. Hanna is not convinced and begins to dig to see a body, but Alison and Jason get upset and tell her to stop. 
  • Emily takes Sara swimming and it seems as if this is a new love interest 
  • The episode ends with A, at a computer monitor, tracking each Liar on a GPS tracker and eating Candy. 

My Thoughts:

  • I don't think Charles is dead. Despite the tomb stone, it doesn't add up to Mr. DiLaurentis' story. he said that Mrs. D had Charles cremated and put his ashes in the lake. So why is there suddenly a tomb stone? I feel like it was only placed there by A (or Charles) to throw the girls off into thinking Charles was really dead. 
  • Where the heck is Mona? I know she went to the spa with her mom to relax, but isn't it strange that she's been so mia and there has been so much A drama?
  • I feel like, with this episode, they are preparing us for the time-jump. I am sure when we have the time-jump, Spencer will be dealing with her marijuana problem, Aria will be at Hollis for Photography or doing something similar, and Emily will be with Sara. I am not so sure about Hanna yet. 

One more day until the all new episode of Pretty Little Liars! 
Lets hope for some more answers tomorrow!


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