Five Spin-Offs I'd Like to See Get Made! [5 Fandom Friday]

Its Friday guys! Do you know what that means? 5 FANDOM FRIDAY, hosted by Female Geek Bloggers Google+ Community. If you are unfamiliar with 5 Fandom Friday, essentially in this community, there is a list of topics for the month which you have the option to participate in as much or as little as you'd like and each week has its own topic. 

This week's topic, you ask? 

Five Spin-offs I'd Like To See Get Made! 

01. The Doll House | For all my Pretty Little Liars lovers out there, I think it would be an amazing TV series if there was a show made about Charles' life (in-dept and in his POV, not the small information we are given in PLL) and how he was lead to creating the Doll House which he trapped the Liars in. It'd also be pretty cool to see his POV when the girls were in the doll house and all his allies and foes which lead this point in PLL to happen. Imagine have eerie it would be. 

02. League of Legends RPG | I'm probably going to get a lot of salt from all of the League players (but what's new right?) but I think it would be pretty cool if Riot Games made a spin-off game including each Champion's lore in an RPG game. Imagine that: Picking your Champion at the beginning of the game, going through quests, skill leveling, fighting minions and other bosses (possibly Dragon? Baron? Gromp? etc.) in an open-world with a super awesome story line which eventually leads them to the League of Legends. I love reading the lores of each Champion, especially if I play them frequently and I think it would be pretty cool to get to play out their lores in a spin-off game. Plus, since there are so many champions, they could make each lore into an "Episode" like Telltale Games does with many of their games, making this game almost never over because they are constantly making new champions.

03. Fuller House | I've heard rumours about a spin-off, hosted by Netflix, for the ever so popular show Full House! I'm not sure as to whether it is actually going to be created or not, but I'd really love to see this! It would be super awesome if they did something like Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World did and do a spin-off show based off of the next generation in the family. I grew up watching this show and I think it'd be awesome to see the legacy of Full House continued on.

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04. Crazy Eyes | For all my OITNB lovers out there, wouldn't it be cool if Netflix did a spin-off show or mini-series on the life of Suzanne Warren. I find that her back story is still vary vague to explain how she turned into the person she is in the jail. It is still very unclear as to why she is in the jail, but you can tell she clearly has a mental illness and has suffered a lot of racism growing up, as she was adopted by a Caucasian family. I think a prequel to OITNB of Suzanne's life would be an amazing series filled with heartbreak and sorrow, and if don't right, we would be able to feel for her and understand why she ended up where she is today, in Litchfield.

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05. Walker's Barn | [WALKING DEAD SPOILERS] I know there are lots of spin-offs for The Walking Dead franchise, but Adam gave me this idea and I thought it was amazing! What if a spin-off was made, in Beth Greene's POV, and her family had never met Rick and the gang? Surviving on a farm, in the middle of no-where. Think about it: Beth may still be alive--or died on different circumstances, Walkers may have still been in their barn, Maggie would have never met Glenn, and Herschel may have still been alive, without getting his leg chopped off and his head severed. At the same time, many problems could arise at their farm, including being run-down by Walkers without allies to protect them, running out of resources, etc. It would be an interesting show, to say the least.

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Those are my Five Spin-Offs I'd Like To See Get Made! If you'd like to take part in this weekly challenge, and haven't already clicked the link at the beginning of the post, go check out
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  1. Nice list! :) Crazy Eyes would be awesome btw.

    1. Thank you! :) It was one of my favorite spin-offs I thought of!
      Loved you list, too, btw!