LoL Skin Spotlight: Pool Party Lulu

artwork via riot games / edits via jennibearrxo
Summer has just been graced upon us and we all know what summer means! Summer means POOL PARTIES! If you're not much of a swimmer, you may at least find some enjoyment in League of Legends' Pool Party Skins!

The new batch of 2015 Pool Party skins were released just about two weeks ago and I have been anticipating this release since the new Pool Party skins previews were released. Why, you may ask? Because Riot Games did not fail to provide yet another absolutely adorable Lulu skin for the 2015 Pool Party event!

Adam actually surprised me with purchasing it for me immediately after we realized the new patch was released! (Thank you Honey, you're the bestest!) Since then, I have fallen in love with this skin! Dragon Trainer Lulu used to be my favorite, but this new skin is really cutting it close!

Because of this new release and how in love I am with it, I decided some of my League of Legends readers may enjoy seeing the new animation updates that have been made to Lulu through this skin. None of her speech was changed, so I thought it would be appropriate to just use .gif files I've made from game play, with the assistance of Adam!

At first look, I'd like to point out how much more adorable she is in this skin than any of her others. Adam and I went on a fan-girl rant about how cute she was in her loading screen artwork before entering our first game with this new Lulu skin! Honestly, isn't that octopus on her head and the blowfish Pix by her side the most adorable thing ever?! And you absolutely can't forget the bubbles that follow her around when she moves and the bubble sounds she makes! I love love love it, Riot Games! Well Played!


Taunt 1 [ctrl+1]

Taunt 2 [ctrl+2] 

Dance [ctrl+3] 

Laugh [ctrl+4] 


Passive: Pix, Faerie Companion

Here, instead of magic bolts, she sends out magic bubbles! How awesome is that?!

Q: Glitterlance

Here, again, I'm enjoying all the cute little bubbles! 

W: Whimsy 

In this new skin, when used on herself or an ally. bubbly sounds are made while she or an ally is sped up and bubbles follow, as if the bubbles are what causes the faster movement. 

Lulu's W, on an opponent turns them into a mini seal with her magical bubble powers. 

E: Help, Pix! 

 When Help, Pix! is casted on herself or an ally, she/her ally is protected by a giant bubble with sea shell designs.

When it is casted in an enemy, similarly, bubbles--and this time shells, as well--are used to deal magic damage as well as make the enemy visible for a short amount of time. 

R: Wild Growth

When Lulu casts Wild Growth on herself or an ally, they grow in size (obviously), in a giant whirlpool surrounded by shells. It also knocks surrounding enemies up with sandcastles and slowing them. 

Other Animations 

There are a few other animation changes which were added to this skin, as well. 

Recall [B] 

During Lulu's ReCall, she hides herself in her Octopus hat, "swimming" around like an octopus, attempting to find her wand. Absolutely adorable! 


When Lulu dies, her octopus hat and wand go flying in the air and slowly float down.

I absolutely love this skin and think it is one of the most adorable skins Riot Games has made, so far! If haven't bought this skin yet, and love playing Lulu (almost) as much as I do, go hit up the Store! It is currently 1350 RP.


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