Paper Towns, Foot-long Corn Dogs, & Frozen Yogurt Cake [July 11, 2015]

I had a very eventful weekend. Although I spent most of it indoors, at work, I'd say it was pretty productive and felt more energetic than most weekends.

Saturday, July 11, 2015 

I began my morning waking up earlier than usual to my Audible still playing on my phone. The night before I had bought Paper Towns by John Green and have been obsessed. I headed off to work immediately after I got ready. 

I gave Adam a call, as I usually do while he is on his way to work and got to speak to him for 15 minutes or so before I had to start working. 

While I cleaned machines, I continued to get through two hours worth of Paper Towns. When the store opened, I had to turn off my audio book, eager to continue. I didn't want to stop listening! So I continued on with my normal work duties.

My work day went by really quickly. I finished all of my kitchen duties by 2:00pm, just in time for my lunch break. I, again, continued to listen to Audible while I ate my lunch. For the last 10 minutes of my lunch break, Adam gave me a call, as it was his lunch break as well. 

When I got off my break, I decorated a Strawberry Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Cheesecake Cake! It was our very first one made at our location. I sent a picture to my boss and she said she absolutely loved it! I felt so proud! My cake making and decorating skills are slowly getting better! I was going to decorate another cake, but it so happened that we were out of Vanilla Icing. Unfortunate. 

My last two hours of work I just kind of hung around with my co-worker, greeted customers and worked on cash. Nothing really out of the normal. Since I like to finish my duties early-on in the work day, I tend to have a lot of free time during the last few hours. 

When I got off work, Adam also finished work around the same time. We both headed home to change because we would be seeing each other soon! He picked me up about 15 minutes after he got home and we headed off to Whitby for the Whitby Ribfest! 

When we arrived, it was quite busy. There were so many people that lines were long and there were barely any seating areas (but what's new, right?). We waited in line for about an hour and a half to get a Blooming Onion, a Foot-long corn dog and a slushy. Since there were no seating areas (other than the ground) we decided to go back to the car and just eat in the car. 

It was Adam's first time having a Blooming Onion and he loved it! We also fell in love with this Foot-Long corndog! One of the best corn dogs we've ever had! We were originally going to go to Dairy Queen after Rib Fest, but all this food made us too full to eat anymore, so we headed home and ended our night playing league of legends together. 

After playing one game of League of Legends together, I was exhausted. I turned on Paper Towns with a sleep-timer, hopped into bed, and passed out immediately. I was woken up once, from Adam calling to say goodnight, but passed out immediately after. 

Such an eventful day that really pooped me out!


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