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Living in this digital age, we are so blessed with the new technology created to help students succeed in school. There are so many resources out there to help students study, manage their time, be productive, and take notes.

Below, I have listed a few of my favorite apps to use during the school year!

Despite what team you are rooting for, I have apps from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the Windows App Store.

[Sorry Blackberry users, I don't own any Blackberry products to be able to give any app suggestions]

iPad Apps 

I will begin with my iPad apps because my iPad is used primarily for school. Majority of my apps on my iPad are just for school because I have no other use for my iPad than for such. I have many similar apps because I wanted to give you all a wide variety. I had to play with several different apps to see what works for me, so you may have to do the same. They all are great apps, but some just may work better for some than others. 

I will be naming and explaining them from top-left to bottom-right

(1) OneNote (FREE)- One note is my favorite note taking app. As you may have learned from my Note Taking Tips post, I use OneNote to annotate lecture slides that my professors post online for the class. The great thing about this app is that it is like a Binder, so you can have several "Notebooks", several tabs within each notebook, and several pages within each tab of each notebook. It makes organizing notes, ideas, check-lists, etc. very easy! It is also great because it syncs between devices that have OneNote installed. 

(2) Note Shelf  ($7.99) - Note Shelf is another amazing note taking app. I primarily use it for hand writing digital notes. The typing feature on it is okay, but I think it was primarily created for hand writing notes. A cool feature about Note Shelf is that you can organize your subjects through different notebooks. For each notebook, you have the customization option of changing the cover and paper. You can either use one of the generic covers and paper or you can import your own. 

(3) Notability ($3.49) - This app is yet another note taking app. I, sometimes, like to use this app to annotate, as well. I use this app more for annotating readings that my professors post online for us or readings for essays which I am writing. I just find the app a lot more useful when it comes to highlighting lots and lots of information. It is also a pretty cool app to use during lecture, as well. If you use the voice recording feature, it matches the time during the recording with what you are writing, so that when you look back on your notes, you know what specific note you wrote down goes with that information your professor said. 

(4) Planner Plus ($9.99) - Planner Plus is a digital planner for your iPad or iPhone. You can edit schedules for your day, week or month; create task "to-do" lists; and write notes to yourself. I used to use it all the time, before I converted back to a physical agenda. Its interface is very user friendly, it is easy to use, and lists things by priority of what you have set each task. 

(5) Quizlet (FREE) - This app is amazing for studying! It is a digital flashcard app which has features which teaches you the content you have included. You have the option of "Cards" "Learn" or "Match" which all teach you the content which you have put on the cards. I find this way more convenient than having to carry a  bunch of flashcards around with me. It is also cool how you can app photos to your flashcards. 

(6) Chrome (FREE) - You all probably already know what Chrome is. If you do not, it is just a web browser. I don't like using safari, so I use Chrome whenever I need to look up a definition, a synonym, do some research, open a link from another app, etc. 

(7) Blackboard (FREE) - As you have probably read in an earlier post, my school uses Blackboard as the primary source of scholarly communication between students and professors. Professors upload lectures and readings here and send out announcements here. Students upload completed assignments, can ask questions to other students, and write on discussion boards for classes. If your school doesn't use Blackboard, you probably will never need this app. I just like to have it because my iPad has mobile data, so if I am on the bus, I can check messages, read lectures, or send a message on my way to school. 

(8) Evernote (FREE) - Evernote is very similar to OneNote. I used to use it before I learned about OneNote. I don't really use it anymore but its features are very similar to OneNote. The only difference I'd say is that it is a lot more text based, whereas OneNote is text and hand-writing based. You can clip pictures or articles from the internet,type out notes, make check lists, etc. 

(9) TopNotes ($5.79) - TopNotes is another app I do not really use anymore. It is nevertheless still a great note taking app. It is hand-writing based and stylus compatible. You have many color and brush  options and when you write, it does realistically look like a pencil, pen, marker, etc.  

Android Apps 

Next, I will go on to my Android Apps which I use for school. Many of them are similar to those which I already have on my iPad already, so I will only go into detail on the apps which I have not talked about yet. 

(1) OneNote (FREE)

(2) UOIT/DC Booking (FREE) - This is a free app created by some students at my school. Booking a study room, especially on exam week, is nearly impossible. I installed the app just for exam weeks. I just find the app so much easier to work with than the Library Website. If you don't go to UOIT/DC, I'd suggest looking into whether your school has a similar app. 

(3) Quizlet (FREE)

(4) Blackboard (FREE) 

(5) Forest (FREE) - This is a really cute productivity app! I find is great for trying to stay on task. Whenever you want to get work done, you set a timer and plant a tree. During the time which you have set, your tree will begin to grow. It blacklists all apps while it is growing. If you use your phone and turn off the timer, your tree will wither. It is such a cute app to try to keep busy and stay away from your distracting phone. 

Windows Apps 

Last but not least, here are my suggested Windows Apps. Many of these apps, I don't really use anymore, but are great alternatives if you do not have an Apple or Android device. 

(1) Word 2013 (Price Varies)- This really isn't an app. It is Microsoft Word 2013 from the Microsoft 365. To get it, you have to either buy Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 365. I bought a Microsoft Office 365 Personal Plan when I built my gaming PC. If you pay for a full year, it is $70, one payment, and is far cheaper than paying $7 a month, in the long run. But you all probably know what Microsoft Word is, so there is no need for an explanation. 

(2) OneNote (FREE)

(3) FlashMe (FREE) - This is another flash card app. I don't really use it, but it is a good alternative to Quizlet. The only downfall is that it just flips through the cards, so you cannot play little games like "Matching" to learn the content. It is more for reviewing the content. 

(4) Wunderlist (FREE) - This is a "To-Do" list app because sometimes things get done better when you can check things off. 

(5) Power Planner (FREE) - This is a great school planner app. It was made specifically for students where you can add your schedule, your classes, your assignments, your readings, etc. I really love using this app, especially when trying to plan what assignments to finish first when there is a cluster of assignments and exam reviews to be done.

(6) Binder (FREE) -  Binder is an alternative for OneNote. I haven't used it yet because my school year hasn't started yet and I just learned about this app but it seems more annotating and handwriting based for your digital handouts. It seems organized like OneNote where you have Binders, tabs and pages. Look into this if you want an alternative to OneNote. 

These are my suggestions for great school apps! I hope if you try any of these out, you love them as much as I have! What are yours? If you have any great suggestions for me to try out, I'd love to hear them all!

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