NEW DOMAIN! & 4 Reasons why NOT to use

As many of you who follow me know, I have been in the process of getting a custom domain for the past 24 hours. My blog has been through so many technical difficulties, but finally, I am back up! On top of that, I am proud to announce that I am now the proud owner of my own official website with its own domain!

On a less exciting note: I had the most frustrating experience in trying to set up my custom domain. I originally bought a domain with but after 24 hours of constant complications and lack of customer support, I switched to another domain provider. Here is my story and 4 reasons why you shouldn't use for your custom blog domain.

My Story
I purchased my custom domain through last night. Whenever I am buying anything online, I like to search Ebates first, just to see if I have the option of Cash Back and to my surprise, I found several custom domain websites. was the first website link and had the most cash back with 10.0% cash back, calling the inner broke student inside of me to visit their website and buy a custom domain. I had a promo code from Ebates, so I was having an additional 20% off on top of getting 10.0% cash back. It sounded like a great deal to me!

Sadly, instead of becoming a great deal, It was such a horror to have to deal with. After following Blogger's custom domain tutorial, having several technical difficulties, and going through 3 customer service operators within less than 7 hours, I finally put an end to my relationship with

Four Reasons Why NOT To Use

(1)  There are little to no tutorials for this website. This probably should have been my first red flag. When you google for tutorials for specifically, there is basically nothing. In trying to set up my custom domain, I had to follow Blogger's general Custom Domain set-up tutorial and guess the other half on This being my first time setting up a custom domain, I was very confused and frustrated for most of this time.

(2) FAQ aren't helpful either. On the website, the FAQ are so difficult to find and when you finally do find them, none of them are specific to how to set up a custom domain to your blog/website. Absolutely nothing. It is like they expect people to just know how to do this.

(3) Their interface is not user friendly. If you have never used a custom domain website before, you literally would have no clue how to use this website. I had trouble trying to find my settings and domain information. There is no default dashboard on their website with your domains you bought. Instead  you have to go through many different links to finally find your DNS information. Everytime you go to it just brights you to pages where you can buy more domains.

(4) Their customer service is a nightmare! This probably has to have been the WORST customer service I have ever gotten from a company. First of all, I went through THREE operators within less than 7 hours (I dealt with one in the evening before bed and later dealt with two others in the morning) only to find my problem was that was just generally difficult to pair with Blogger. This literally could have been resolved in the first person I dealt with. Instead they had to help me in the most complicated way.

The operators themselves were no help at all to me. I was talking to them on a Chat Service so that I did not have to be put on hold, but their chat service is horribly put together. First of all, the operators take forever to reply. Second of all, there is no "______ is typing" message on the chat, like other Customer Chat Service online so I didn't know if they were typing to me. When they finally did reply, their replies were short, so I'm not sure as to why it took them 15 - 20 minutes to answer my questions. When resolving issues with my DNS, one of the operators asked me if they could do it for me. I told him he could but I would like to know how to do it myself, as well, so that I could fix it myself in the future. Instead of teaching me, he sent me a link, which showed me information which I had already done. How unprofessional and lazy! I came to customer service for help not to be sent an impersonal link. Thanks though.

Also, one of my operators told me he could see my blog content instead of the error page; but after asking 6 of my friends to check (to make sure it wasn't just my computer) everyone else was getting the error page as well and they all sent me screenshots. After asking this operator to send me a screenshot of my blog to show me that it was working for him, he stopped replying to me. I waited 35 minutes with still no reply. I exited the chat and went to talk to another representative who told me the issue was not with itself, but that it was not compatible with Blogger. How does that make sense? If one representative could "see my blog" and another said it isn't compatible with the Blogger host platform, who is telling the truth? They are so unreliable and this was such a nightmare to deal with!

After dealing with 3 customer service representatives, I finally wanted to just receive a refund only to be told they do not have a refund policy. Guess how unimpressed I was! I just left it (because I got my custom domain at only $7 anyways) and moved on to a new domain provider.

Honestly, having to deal with this mess isn't worth it. Despite how cheap I got my domain name, it really wasn't worth all the hassle. I'd suggest if you are looking to make a custom domain for your blog, stay away from It was $7 lost for me; but a great lesson learned

Blogging, in itself, is an experiment--especially when working with third-party websites. Now, at least, I have learned my lesson and can move forward from this with some knowledge to share with others.

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  1. Wow that is a nightmare! Their customer service sounds so awful. I am glad I know never to try buying from them now. In the past I have always used Go Daddy. Even though it is a bit more expensive, they actually have good customer service and it is no hassle at all.
    ~Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

    1. It was the most frustrating experience! As I was waiting for their operators to reply back to me, I was making this blog post lol! I ended up with GoDaddy in the end, as well! They had this amazing sale last week where you could get a .com domain for $0.99 so I hopped on that immediately lol! So far, it seems a whole lot better!