6 on 6 {October}

Here I am again with another challenge!

This challenge is brought to you by Emma from Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder. Make sure you pay her a visit to learn more about the challenge and see all of her awesome posts! 

Basically, every 6th of the month, your best photos that correspond to the color of the month. This is supposed to help you improve your photography skills. Immediately when I learned about this, I knew I had to join it!

This month's color is: Orange

One of my favorite hobbies, as many of you already know, has been decorating my planner. With the fall just beginning, I am super excited to use all of my fall stickers! 

At the point when I took this photo, I was struggling to find anything orange in my house. I clearly do not have enough orange in my life. So, I took a photo of my dinner the other night, with orange carrots in it. 

Ever since I was in elementary school, One Tree Hill has been my favorite TV show! Even today, I still am in love with this show and all of the lessons it taught me growing up! It is an absolute must see, if you haven't watched it yet! 

This is a wristband bracelet from the promotions crew for CAMPUSFest at my university, last year.. or was it two years ago? I'm not sure, to be honest with you, because I never actually went to CAMPUSFest. I just seem to receive a bunch of their free stuff during orientation week, every year.

These are my favorite Halloween candies! Last year, Adam's older sister gave me a bunch of left overs from giving them out to Trick-Or-Treaters. These are the left overs from my stash from last Halloween (and don't worry, I didn't eat them after I took this photo--obviously they were old lol).

These are organic hot peppers my parents grow in our backyard. With the weather getting chilly, my parents are harvesting the last bit they can, before the cold and winter season kills all their plants off. This photo is actually one of my favorites!


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  1. I included my planner in this months challenge too - great minds think alike and all :) nice pics!

  2. Great collection! Those peppers are so pretty, too.

    1. Aw thank you! The peppers tasted great too! :'D

  3. I have a couple friends trying to get me to watch One Tree Hill, maybe it's time I take their advice! I love that you decorate your planner, I'll have to look into getting some stickers for mine!

    1. You should totally watch it! I've been in love with it since I was 13 and it still never gets old! Season 1 is kind of boring, but it gets better, I promise! If you ever need any suggestions for great sticker companies, let me know! I know of a great one in California you may love!

  4. It's way harder than I thought to find orange stuff!

    1. Yeah honestly! I had such a struggle! But once I finished the post, I found so many orange things!

  5. I am a planner decorator as well!!!
    xx mal @ badwolfbrunch.com