Fall Brunch Date

Despite how different people may think Adam and I are from each other, there is three things that we share that will probably never change: good games, good company, and good food

.. and dear goodness gracious, we always have such great food whenever we go to Symposium Cafe!

I haven't seen Adam for about a week, so today when he picked me up for our day meant to be spent together, he suggested we go out for breakfast at Symposium Cafe. When I was a freshman in University, Adam took me here, for the first time, on my first day of orientation. Three years later and we are still absolutely in love with it! We unfortunately don't go as often because it can get quite pricey and it is kind of our of the way, but when we have time to go, we surely enjoy it! 

Adam ordered the deluxe omelette with toast and home fries and a freshly squeezed orange juice to drink.

And I ordered Eggs Benedict with home fries and a mocchiato to drink.

Both of our orders were absolutely delicious and we finished every last bite of it as we enjoyed early afternoon talks about our week and our plans for the day. 

It is mornings like this that I love. It isn't about going out for breakfast and getting fancy food--because quite frankly, I originally planned to cook him breakfast before we went out--but it just relaxing mornings talking about our week and enjoying each other's company that really make days upon days of not seeing each other worth it. 

One of the things I love most about my relationship with Adam is the fact that simplicity is asset in our relationship. Whether we are going out for a meal and adventure or staying in and watching a show or league of legends game, what we enjoy most about our day is just generally getting to spend a couple hours together. 


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