2016 Planner Set-Up

Happy New Year! I hope you all had fun celebrating last night and are super excited for the new year!

For many of my lovely planner addicts, this means a brand new spankin' planner to fulfill our planner loving needs. Although, I probably have not reached #PlannerPeace yet, I think my system for 2016 is pretty darn close!

This year, I am primarily using three planners on the daily: MAMBI, The Happy Planner; a Bullet Journal; and the Heidi Swapp Instax Memory Planner (links to the planners can be found in each Planner's section below).

Me And My Big Ideas: The Happy Planner
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My first planner I am using is MAMBI: The Happy Planner. I actually got this planner from Adam for Christmas and I am super excited to use it throughout the year. This planner is originally a 16 month planner, starting in July 2015; but I took out the previous months, so that my planner runs from December 2015 - December 2016. This planner is a disc-bound planner, which allows for me to take-out pages and insert pages without any problems. This is great for customization and creativity purposes.

This is my daily planner. All of my main tasks, events, and due dates will be stored in this planner. I also plan on using this planner as my creative outlet--similar to a weekly scrapbook, I guess--to document events throughout the year. 

My planner begins with a sticky note dashboard. The front set of sticky notes are from Me And My Big Ideas [buy them here] and the back set of sticky notes are from Chapters Indigo [buy your own here] and Kate Spade [buy them here]. I don't use sticky notes often to decorate, but I do use them a lot for pre-planning, so that nothing in my planner is set-in-stone. I know, especially with pre-planning, things change; and because of this, I love to use sticky notes that I can move around between dates and weeks until a date is finalized or it is the week of the event or due-date. 

I also have my introduction page. Instead of putting my home address, I put my blog addresses. 

At the beginning of each month, there is a reflective page that displays three months-at-a-glance (the previous month, the current month, and the upcoming month). This is also great for pre-planning without having to move between pages. On the reflective page, it also gives you the upcoming Holidays for the month and sections to fill out birthdays, monthly goals, events, important dates, and other notes that you can't forget. I love this because it it allows for a brief overview of the most important dates and events of the month. 

I also added a little New Year's insert I found on Pinterest and printed out. On the back of the insert, I have a 2016 year-at-a-glance and a Colour Code for the highlighting system for my to-do lists throughout the planner. 

I also love the typography and little designs that each month's tab has. 

This is what a normal weekly spread looks like. For anyone who has never seen a layout like this, this is a vertical planner spread. Originally, each day was broken up as "Morning", "Afternoon" and "Evening", but I use it as "Today's Events", "To-Do", and "Little Things". 

In "Today's Events," I note due dates, meet-ups with friends, dates with Adam, bills, and birthdays. 

The "To-Do" section is primarily for my main daily tasks. More in depth tasks can be found in my Bullet Journal (which I will talk about later on). 

The final section is mainly for little things that I need to remember. This includes the weather, trackers, plant watering schedules, TV shows, etc. 

Bullet Journal (Indigo, "PINK--You Pretty Thing" Spiral Jounral)
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My second planner is a Bullet Journal system. It is basically an analog organization system created through bullets and check-boxes. Although this system is inspired by the Bullet Journal system, I have customized it to my own liking. 

I mostly use my bullet journal as an in-depth, daily task organization system. I track daily notes, events, tasks, meals, and hydration in-take throughout the day. 

This is the legend I use throughout my bullet journal. It is colour-coded and symbol-coded according to each task/event/note.

This is what a normal daily spread would look like. It begins with the date. Below, I list notes, tasks, and events, depending on what I have planned for the day and in correspondance to the legend in the previous photo. 

At the bottom of the page, I track my water in-take, my coffee in-take and my tea in-take. I also track my Lunch, Dinner and Snacks (if you're wondering why I don't track Breakfast, it is because I usually do not have an appetite in the morning when I wake up, drink a coffee or tea instead, and don't actually feel hungry until around noon.

Heidi Swapp: Spiral Instax Planner Kit 
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My final planner is the Heidi Swapp Spiral Instax Planner. I bought it from Michael's Craft Store, but I haven't been able to find a link to it online. 

This is originally advertised as a memory planner, but I am using it as a gratitude journal. The only reason I am including this within my Planner Set-up is because I am planning on tracking daily gratitude by writing down three things I am thankful for each day and at the end of the week, writing down the highlight of that week. 

This is what a normal week spread looks like. Each section gives enough space to note three things I am thankful for and there is a specific section named "Best Part Of The Week". 

I feel like this would be a great way to reflect on my week, all of the great things that have happened throughout the year, and to  stay positive. 

For those of you wondering what am I doing with my Ban.do planner, I am using that primarily for work. Unfortunately, I left my work planner at the office during the holidays, so I couldn't take any photos. 

I also have a Kate Spade 2016 planner that I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet.

Hope you enjoyed my planner set-up for 2016 and are inspired to start your own planners in similar styles for the new year!


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