6 on 6 [February] - Black

Hi Everyone! I'm back today with another 6 on 6! Or I guess 6 on 17 because I'm actually two weeks late with this post. I had so much fun taking photos for this month's 6 on 6 challenge and I hope you enjoy them!

This month's color was black!

(1) Razer Gaming Gear. Anyone who knows me knows I love Razer products. All of my PC gaming gear (my headset, my mouse, my keyboard, and my mousepad) are all Razer and have yet to let me down. I hear a lot of bad reviews on their products sometimes, but for someone like me to just casually plays with friends for fun, it works amazing and looks amazing. Who wouldn't want their PC to glow in sync? PC peace if you ask me.

(2) Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzgerald. Has anyone else read this series? I read it back when I was in High School, and to this day, I have yet to find a serious I love more than this! The story line. The love story. Patch. Such a great series, if anyone was looking into starting something new.

(3) Pandora. Okay, I know this isn't very fandom-y or geeky, but I do love the brand and spend countless hours on their website looking at new charms to add to my bracelet. My boyfriend bought me this bracelet on our 1 year anniversary, and every year, after going out for dinner on our anniversary, he takes me to Pandora to pick out a new charm that he buys for me that year. Anyone do something similar or have any cute traditions with their significant other for their anniversary? I'd love to hear them!

(4) My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. In the last year, I've gotten into the hobby of using my instant camera to take photos of memories I know I'll want to look back on, later on. I also love using the photos as little page markers in my Planner to add more of a personal feel to my planner.

(5) Batman Funko Pop. Because Batman. lol. Do I have to explain anymore?

(6) Xbox 360 Controller. I have not upgraded to the xbox one yet, mostly because I've been really into PC gaming lately, but my xbox 360 will forever be my baby!


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  1. Yay Razer! I love their stuff too. I use that mouse and the Orbweaver and I love em. That Pandora tradition that you and Adam share is so awesome! My hubby and I don't have any little traditions like that, but I might have to talk him into one like this:P

    1. How do you like the Razer Obweaver? I have been looking into it for a while. Thank you! Haha part of the credit should belong to his oldest sister, though, because she is the one who gave him the idea to start this tradition with me, three years ago haha! You should totally talk to your hubby about it! What girl doesn't love cute little traditions with such cute meaning behind them!