CUPCAKES!!! [5 Fandom Friday]

Happy Friday everyone! I've been super excited for these prompt all of February and the day is finally here! By the title, I assume you already know why I'm super excited!

This week's prompt is 5 Favorite Cupcakes!!!!!

photo via league-craft
(1) Lulu's Cupcake | League of Legends
This will forever be my most favorite cupcake of all time! For those of you who do not play League of Legends, Lulu is a Champion who (in her Bittersweet Lulu skin), with the help of her Pix, turns her enemies into cupcakes. How freaking cute and sadistic is that? How awesome would that be though? Hate someone? "Lol bai you a cupcake now!". Seriously lol!

(2) Deadpool Cupcakes | Rosanna Pansino via Nerdy Nummies
If you have not seen any of Ro's videos on YouTube, where have you been? I've been a huge fan of her Nerdy Baking videos for years now and it amazes me how creative she continues to be! I just love it! With all of the super hype over the Deadpool movie, I thought it was only appropriate to share her Deadpool cupcakes she made two years ago on you YouTube Channel.
If you'd like to check it out the recipe: blog / youtube

(3) Panda Cupcakes | KawaiiSweetWorld
How freaking cute are these? KawaiiSweetWorld is another baking YouTube channel I've followed for about a year and all of her desserts are so creative and delicious looking. I couldn't help but share her Panda Cupcakes because of how much I love Pandas and how cute these cupcakes were! Almost too cute to even want to eat!
Check out this recipe: Youtube

(4) Happy Birthday Cupcake Planner Stickers! | STICKWITHMEshop
For all of my planner decorators out there, these have to be my favorite Birthday Stickers sold on Etsy! Jenny is a sticker store from Toronto, so when I order from her, shipping is always super cheap and her designs are super cute!! I used to buy from her Etsy shop all the time before I started making my own custom stickers. How freaking cute are these stickers though? The cupcakes are printed on matte sticker paper and even have a ribbon for you to write down who's birthday it is! Love them!
Check it out: stickers / etsy shop

photo via Freddy-Fazbears-Pizza Wiki
(5) Chica's Cupcake | Five Nights At Freddy's
Is it weird that I think the most sadistic cupcakes from video games are the cutest? Like how freaking cute is Toy Chica's cupcake? My friends and I play the FNAF games during hangouts sometimes and despite it being a jump-scared came, I have recently been obsessed with the backstory. I spend hours on YouTube listening to game theories for FNAF.


What are your 5 favorite cupcakes?

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  1. I LOVE the Lulu skin! I don't play league very much anymore but I always smile when I see that skin :) I also love those adorable cupcake stickers! Glad I stumbled on your blog :)

    1. Haha Lulu is one of my very most favorite champions! If you think this skin is adorable, I bet you also love the Pool Party skin (literally the cutest Lulu skin of all time!). Thank you!! I browsed your blog for a bit this morning too and love your cosplays!