I'M OPENING A SHOP! + The Happy Planner February Flip-Through [February 2016 Planner Spreads]

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

February flew by way too fast. I know it is the shortest month of the year, so of course it flew by, but it seriously just flashed before my eyes. Where has the time gone? With February coming to an end, I thought I'd share a February Flip-Through of all of my spreads in The Happy Planner.


Before that, I have quite the exciting announcement!


I shared my doodles with one of my planner communities on Facebook and many people suggested I start a shop. I've always wanted to open an etsy shop, but did not feel like my artistic talents were good enough, I guess? (Boo for low self-confidence). Nevertheless, I've put my big-girl pants on and here I am! 

Dainty Rose Designs is a shop that specializes in kawaii digitally hand-drawn stickers and cute planner spreads. Right now, many of my spreads I've created are made specifically to fit The Happy Planner, but I hope to soon be making spreads for the Erin Condren Life Planner, as well. Nevertheless, the Kawaii stickers fit in any planner, so there will be something for everyone. My stickers will be made available through instant downloadable printable so you get your stickers immediately, they will be super affordable and we can ignore those expensive shipping prices, no matter where you live!

What does this mean for this blog? I will be sharing planner freebies to download in the future. I have many planner spreads that I've created that correspond to geek culture (as you've probably seen on my blog or through social media) but cannot sell due to copyright. Instead, I thought I'd share these sets as freebie downloads on this blog to allow for you to download and use them as you please! 

I'm so excited to be moving forward with this idea & I hope you are too!

My store will be opening in early March 2016! Make sure you follow my shop's instagram account to receive updates on new releases, discounts to my shop, sales, freebie download links, and planner spreads

DaintyRoseDesigns Instagram: http://bit.ly/Instagram-DaintyRoseDesigns


This month, I feel like my planning method shifted constantly, trying to find this said "planner peace". Especially with opening a shop soon, I've been experimenting with more and more stickers, which is why my planner spreads are beginning to be more sticker-heavy. This is the first month I've experimented with date-covers too. I'm still trying to find the perfect size to make the stickers so that they fit perfectly and hopefully have that figured out soon. 

Week 1 | Watercolor Valentine 
I made this spread to welcome the month of love. I already knew I wouldn't be making a Valentine's Day spread during the week of Valentine's day, due to Deadpool being released that week, so I decided that better week to use this spread than the first week of February? I loved using watercolor blues/purples/pinks which gave it such a romantic and elegant look. 

Week 2 | Deadpool Is My Valentine 
This is the week Deadpool released and I knew I couldn't pass up a chance to make a Deadpool Spread! Despite it being a Deadpool theme, I still tried to emphasize Valentines Day being that week by adding in some pink accents and adding a comic heart as a date cover, to note Valentines Day. I couldn't be happier with how this turned out!

Week 3 | Purple & Mint 
I spent this week playing around with new color combinations. While Purple and Mint might not seem very new to you, I don't usually pair those colors together--more so, never have I put them together in a planner spread. I think it turned out pretty well, even though it was my first time mixing the colors together and I'd definitely try to make another spread with these two colors together again. 

Week 4 | Blue/Green/Yellow Watercolor Arrows 
I, again, decided to play around with new color combinations. This one, I fell in love with! I love the way it all goes together! This spread also has a couple sneak peeks to stickers which will be made available in my shop when I open!


What do your planner spreads look like this month? Which one was your favorite? Any suggestions on new color combinations I should try out or sticker suggestions for the shop? 

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  1. I am so excited to find a shop making beautiful kits that fit my Happy Planner! I'm tired of trying to make Erin Condren stickers "work" in my HP

    1. Thank you!! I know exactly what you mean! Even though people say you can manage, its just not the same when it doesn't fit the whole box! I hope you enjoy my shop when it opens! :) I also do freebie fridays, if you are subscribed to my blog! I send out a freebie to anyone who is subscribed before 9:00am each Friday!