Planner Addict Tag!

Hey, hey all my planner people! I'm back with another planner related post!

This week, I decided to do The Planner Addict Tag created by Elle Fowler and Belinda Selene on Youtube! Because my YouTube Channel is not Planner Related, I thought I'd just do a blog post on it instead! So, here we go!

How many Planners do you have/own?

I am still fairly new to the planner decorating community so I currently have four for 2016! These include:
  • The Happy Planner by Mambi - Life is Beauty Full
  • Agenda - Florabunda (No longer on sale)
  • Kate Spade Agenda - Gold Dots
  • Heidi Swapp Instax Memory Planner (Michael's International Exclusive)
How many planners do you actually use at one time?

I started 2016 off with using three, but with March starting, I've only been using one: The Happy Planner! I also use a printable from Simple As That Blog. I couldn't find the original printable post, but here is a similar one she made here.

When did you first start using a paper planner? 
Like most people, I was given a planner in elementary school until high school. I didn't really like them though--so every year I'd buy my own, anyways. It wasn't until September 2015 when I started intense planner decorating, though. 

When did you start decorating your planner? 
In elementary--high school, I used to doodle a lot in my planners. But it wasn't until September 2015, like I said in the previous question, when I started using washi, stickers, and Colorful pens. 

If you could only use ONE embellishment to decorate your planner, what would you use?
Probably stickers. As cute as washi, pens, and scrapbook paper are--I'm a sticker girl! I design my own stickers, cut and print them so my creativity is limitless with stickers!

What is your favorite pen to write with? 
The Pilot Frixon fine point pen in Black! I make a lot of mistakes. Plans always change. So I like to be able to have an erasable pen handy with my constantly changing life.

Favorite Place To Shop For Planner Goodies
This would have to be Etsy. I have way too many favorite shops to just pick one, but on Etsy there are so many shops to buy just about anything for your planner--stickers, covers, washi, sticky notes, etc. Its just amazing! 

What is the most you've spent in a store on planner supplies? 
I'm actually not too bad with splurging. Because I'm a university student, I don't have a lot of free money to use after paying off tuition, textbooks, bills and food--which is mostly why I make my own stickers instead of buying them, all the time. I don't think I've never spent more than $100--at one time!--for planner supplies. This is including buying the planners, themselves--which can be kind of expensive--I bought my and Kate Spade on the same day, so you can only imagine how much that bill was. 

What is your planning routine?
I usually spend Saturday creating a new spread for my planner and decorating that week's spread. Then, every night before bed, I'll fill out one of those printables from Simple As That Blog. 

If you had to pick ONE planner, which one would you use and why?
Well, I'm currently using only one.. so I guess The Happy Planner! I love how it is a medium between a coil bound and a ring bound binder. It isn't in a chunky binder, but it also isn't creatively restricting like a coil bound planner. The style is adorable, as well! I also love all the extra space in the boxes to write in!

*BONUS QUESTION* Show us your washi tape stash! 

My washi tape stash is kind of pathetic to any one who is washi-addicted. I don't really use store bought washi because cute affordable washi is kind of hard to find here on the outskirts of Toronto (lol $6 for one roll of washi, no thanks!) and I usually make some when I make a custom spread. Anyways, here it is: 

I hope you enjoyed my answers to the Planner Addict Tag! 

I now Tag anyone who is a planner addict and wants to join in! I'd love to see your answers (whether you post it on YouTube, on your blog, on Instagram, etc.) leave me the link down below and I'd love to see your answers! 

Happy Planning! 

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