2016/2017 Classic Happy Planner - Fresh Floral [Flip-Through & First Impression]

Happy Monday!

With spring on its way, I am extremely excited to share the Fresh Floral Happy Planner I received earlier this month for my Birthday. This is an 18 month vertical planner created by Me and my BIG Ideas.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Rather, it was a birthday gift. I was in no way paid by Me and my BIG Ideas to make this post. 

The cover's pattern is absolutely adorable! Although, to be honest with you, I flipped the cover to have the wood grain heart design as the cover, instead. This is just personal preference. I just felt like the wood grain heart looked more like a cover and this floral designed looked better as an inside cover. I am also loving the gold discs! I'm glad they opted for gold instead of one of their colored discs (like pink or blue) because I feel like this looks so much better, in my mind!

The "This Happy Planner Belongs To..." page is just stunning! I don't even want to add my name to this page in fear of ruining the beautiful page design. This has to be my favorite "This Happy Planner Belongs To..." page in all of the Happy Planners for the 2016/2017 collection.

Just like the Make Every Day Count planner I shared last week, this planner also has the year-at-a-glance addition. I love the design for this page too! I have really been enjoying the faded-colored-text look with black thin text on top. I have been designing a lot of stickers for my personal use to have a similar look. Even the font for "2016" and "2017" are beautiful!

This planner's design for the bottom washi/quotes is beautiful!! I cannot stress enough how in love I am! The thought they put into this planner is amazing!

I also love the little "remember" icon located on all of the currently pages. Adorable!

Most of the dividers in this planner are absolutely stunning! There is a lot of mixes between wood grain, floral, a brown "paper bag" kind of look, and pink/blue foil! I think this is adorable. Although, some I feel do not really fit in the planner theme--like the Butterfly divider. Yes, this is a spring inspired planner and butterflies are attracted to flower, but the style it was designed in just doesn't feel like it fits? Maybe it is just me? I also feel like the "Currently" page is really plain and was neglected because they worked so hard on the rest of the planner.

The last page is a single "Notes" page that fits the Fresh Floral theme. I LOVE this note paper! I hope they come out with a new extension pack with note paper designed for each individual happy planner designs! That would be absolutely adorable!

I am madly in love with this planner and I think this one, after going through it more in depth, probably is my favorite--even more than Make Every Day Count, possibly! I have a few complaints but I can easily work around them, so it isn't a big deal to me. I think the pros outweigh the cons!

If you'd like to learn more or see more planner designs, visit the Me and my BIG Ideas website!

Which divider was your favorite?


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