2016/2017 Classic Happy Planner - Make Every Day Count [Flip Through & First Impression]

Happy Monday everyone!

Whether you are an already avid-"Happy Planner", are new to the planning community, or had no clue the planning community even existed, I think The Happy Planner could be of some interest to you. They are fully customizable, absolutely adorable and completely functional! Whether you want to find a planner for organizing your life, memory keeping, as a journal, or to keep important family dates on paper; this planner is bound to do the job!

*This is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing with you a brand I personally use and love and a product I thought might be of some interest to my readers.

 I recently got a hold of two copies of the new Happy Planners and couldn't be more excited to share them with you! Today, I will be doing a Flip-Through and a First Impression of the "Make Every Day Count" Black & White Planner and next week, I will be doing a Flip-Through and First Impression of the "Fresh Floral" planner.

This is the cover of the planner. I love love love the black and white scheme with the pop of gold in the discs and for the quote! Absolutely beautiful! The covers also seem to feel a bit thicker than the previous Happy Planners, which I absolutely love! It doesn't feel as flimsy as the previous generation of planners felt. Nevertheless, I probably will continue to use a black elastic headband to keep the planner together while in my bag or purse.

The inside of the cover is white with black polka dots, which is absolutely adorable! This planner is already diving me a Kate Spade feel--which I have always loved Kate Spade and Kate Spade Inspired stationary!

The first page is the "This Planner Belongs to...." page. I love the design. It is so simple, but I feel like the simplicity of the page--and of the planner in whole--is what makes it so beautiful. There is also a black and white striped design by the disc holes.

I have yet to add my name on this page. I am still trying to decide whether I should hand write it or use gold-foil letter stickers. What would you have done? Comment down below with your thoughts.

One of the newer features they added to all of the new planners is a year-at-a-glance calendar for 2016 and 2017, but each planner has a different design. Again, loving this black and white theme they have going on with the pops of colors.

Each month begins with a little "Currently" page where you can write down what you were currently doing or loving that month. There is also a section for birthday, don't forgets, and important dates--where they give you some holidays during that month, as well. I love the layout for this page! In my previous Happy Planner, I did not have the Currently section--I only had a page for goals, birthdays and important dates. I am going to love using this page to track how much I've changed through the 18 months!

I am continuing to love the fact that this planner is black and white with a pop of color. It seems the accents (banners, sub heading text, etc.) are only in a pop of color and the rest of the page is black and white. Love, love, love this!

The Monthly Pages still look very similar to that of the 2015/2016 planners. The notes sidebar is still there and the weekends are still shaded in with color. I am totally loving the font used for writing the months! Super cute cursive!

The weekly pages still have the weekends shaded in, in this version. Something different, though, is that there is no longer the "Morning," "Afternoon", and "Evening" headers. Instead, there is a thick black line to separate the sections. I am loving this because I never ever use the pre-set headings. I always make my own stickers and change them! I also like the colours used as the "pop-of-colour" in this planner because they are very muted to match the black and white theme. I can see myself using these colours in making spreads in the future.

The only issue I find with the weekly spread is that the numerical days are coloured. What if I wanted to do a pink spread but the month color was blue? I'd have to make date covers. I guess it wouldn't be that big of a problem since I already make date covers, but the current dates follow all the way up to the top of the page. So I'd either have to white out the current dates and add my circle/heart date covers or I'd have to make date covers specifically in that half circle shape.

I also love this bottom pattern that acts like washi! It is super cute! This time, if I didn't like the colours, it isn't that big of a deal because I usually use washi at the bottom anyways. But if I did like the colors for that month, I wouldn't need to use washi at all! Total win!


Overall, I love this planner so much! I think I could get over the small little things I didn't like about this planner, because overall, the pros outweighed the cons.

I am not quite sure, as of yet, what I am using this planner for when July comes around, Hopefully, by then, I will have an updated planner set-up to share with you what I decided on using this planner for, in the end!

What are your first impressions of this planner, through my photos or your own experiences of seeing/owning the planner? What did you end up using it for?


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  1. Very cute! I'm with you on loving the whole black and white thing, and the pops of color make it super special! I think all the different fonts they've used are adorable too<3 I love the idea of using gold foil for your name on the 'this planner belongs to' page!

    1. Thanks so much Ashlee! I'm going to see if I can find some gold foil stickers at Michaels this weekend to add my name! Thanks for your input! :D