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This weekend, critics and fellow movie go-ers are roaring over mixed reviews of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some loved it. Some absolutely hated it. Here are my thoughts, as a comic noob!

Disclaimer: These are that of my own personal opinion of the movie. I am not critiquing the comics, comic universe, or series/franchise; rather explaining my opinions and thoughts of this particular movie. Don't find offense because "I don't know/understand the comics" because this is not a review of the comics--but rather the entertainment or enjoyment of the movie.

I went to see Batman v Superman last night at our local cineplex with Adam for our weekly date pretty excited to go see the movie. Now, before I begin, I'm not completely oblivious to the DC Universe. I know basic backstory of both Batman and Superman--so I wasn't going into this movie completely blind to the characters. Nevertheless, I thought the movie was okay. Just okay. In my personal opinion, I think this movie is more-so for the loving fans who have been wanting this movie to come out for years. If you're not a wiz with intermediate background understanding of the DC universe, I think you may be lost--or at least I was, a lot of the movie.

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  • The casting was fantastic! I especially liked the choice of Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor. He was absolutely phenomenal in that role! He even had me concerned that he--Eisenberg--would soon turn ill from picking up the mindset of psychotic Lex Luthor. Bravo. 
  • A lot of the dramatic scenes were really well done. The opening scene, although I've seen it recreated a hundred times, still gave me chills down my spine. I really liked how, at the funeral of Bruce's parents, the movie kind of explained how decided to become Batman. 
  • The soundtrack choice for this movie was spot on. It really added to the mood of the scene and I really enjoyed that. The song used during Lex Luther's Krypton Research went so well with foreshadowing his shady plans, for example. 
  • My heartstrings were really tugged at when Batman was about to kill Superman, but then Superman said "Save Martha". Then Lois tells Batman, who was offended because his Mother's name was Martha, that Martha was Superman's mother's name too. Just the way Batman acted was so human and relatable. It connected them to each other and to all of us in the audience. I think we all kind of have that "Martha" figure in our lives who we would do anything to prevent them from harm because they nurtured us all our lives. 
  • There was a lot I didn't understand. After the movie was over, I had a hundred-and-one questions for Adam. This movie makes it really hard for those who are unfamiliar with the DC universe. Yes, there were a lot of things I did understand--like Batman and Superman's backstories--but that it from prior knowledge of watching other films or hearing Adam talk about it. If I were to go into this movie with a blank slate of knowledge of the DC universe, I would be SO confused. For example, when they introduced Doomsday, I didn't know it was him. They referred to him as a "Kryptonian Deformity". How is anyone unfamiliar with the DC universe supposed to suddenly clue in that this "Kryptonian Deformity" was Doomsday? I just thought it was some bad creature Lex made. Done. Then, after the film, Adam had to explain to me Doomsday--who I have heard of before and knew prior that he was a villain, but that is all I knew--and this whole line of backstory and an explanation of the comics to understand the connection. Also, when the symbols for the League of Justice were shown, I didn't clue in that they were referring to the League of Justice. I knew Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aqua Man. But I I didn't know who the last hero was because I was unfamiliar with the symbol. They didn't even say any of their names in this movie. To be honest, I didn't even clue in that this movie was about the formation of the League of Justice, even though the title of the movie technically implies it. I was so confused through majority of this movie. 
  • The movie wasn't really Batman vs Superman. Batman wanted revenge of Superman for the damage he did to Gotham, but I don't really think Superman had any reason to want to fight Batman. Which doesn't really make them against each other. But just Batman against Superman. The Batman v Superman only took up like 5 minutes out of the two hour movie--and I think everyone who is unfamiliar with the comic really expected this movie to be kind of a war between Batman v Superman--an epic battle of who is stronger--which it wasn't. That is kind of what it was advertised as. Rather, it ended up more so of Lex Luther and Batman against Superman; then Batman and Superman against Lex Luther and Doomsday. Then randomly Wonder Women is like "Let me join too!"
  • Which reminds me, they never really gave a real reason why Wonder Women was even there. Other than the fact she wanted to find information on herself from the files Batman was getting from Lex's encrypted files. Why did she just suddenly join in to help? Because she felt it was her duty as someone with these powers? Even so, so many bad things in the world have happened before. What made this enough to make her come out of hiding for hundreds of years? It may have been explained in the comics, but in the movie, it may have been referenced, but I didn't get it.
  • I ranted about this to Adam last night, but I really didn't like the way Lois Lane was portrayed. Just a typical damsel in distress. Because of her everyone began to dislike Superman and created conspiracy theories. She was easily able to be used by Lex to frame Superman several times. Such easy bait to use. And suddenly, while fighting Doomsday, Batman's like "Oh wait. My girlfriend senses are tingling. Let me go save her while this creature is destroying the city. No big deal". I literally sighed to myself. I understand she is an important role in his life and Adam has explained to me that without her, Superman will go absolutely nuts. But in the context of this movie and this movie alone, it just didn't flow and it didn't make sense.
Overall, it was an okay movie to me. I didn't hate it. There were actually a lot of scenes I enjoyed and I actually didn't fall asleep during it, like Adam thought I was going to. It wasn't horrible, but didn't live up to all of the hype everyone made it out to be. 

If you're reading this, I assume you have watched it already. What were your thoughts? I'd love to hear it. I'd also like to hear your opinion on some of the things I disliked. Maybe you can share with me some insight to help me better understand the movie because I was absolutely lost a lot during the movie! 


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