League of Legends Vinyl Figures: Lulu (#17)

Last year, League of Legends officially released Vinyl Figures of their Champions. Slowly they have been releasing more and more to add to the collection. I was super excited when I got this Lulu figurine as one of the first to add to my collection!


The box design looks super cute. The artists did an amazing job at animating Lulu in a chibi art style. The biggest issue I found with the figure I received, though, was that the gold foil was mis-placed--it is placed slightly to the left of where it is supposed to be. Originally, I thought this is what it was supposed to look like. When looking at the other boxes I own for other League of Legends figurines, I soon learned that this is just a printing mistake and was not intended to look like this. I was quite disappointed. It isn't that important since I don't use my box for display, but I am still kind of upset over it.

On both sides of the box there are grey emblems of the different roles in League of Legends (Marksman, Mage, Tank, Jungler, Assassin) repeated in a nice design. There is also a big "League of Legends" logo in gold foil. Again, I am not really impressed with how slightly off the gold foil is placed. Nevertheless, I still think the design is pretty.

The top of the box displays the Champion Artwork used within the League of Legends game. Super cute but I was expecting it to be in purple considering one of her most famous lines is "That tasted purple!" Can't win it all, though, right?

The figure, itself, looks almost identical to the artwork design on the front of the box, which I was really impressed with. One of the first things about this Lulu figurine was the face. First of all, look at the work done in her facial make-up. You can see the blush around her cheeks and nose. Her eyes, or at least the irises, look like they were printed on, instead of painted on. What bothered me, though is that there is also a little chip on the right (left in the photos) side of her mouth. The paint job could have been better in certain areas as well, like her hand holding the wand.

I also like how Riot gives a validation code with every figurine to prove it is an authentic league of legends figurine made my Riot--especially with all of the knock-offs being sold online currently.

Nevertheless, I am in love with this figurine! Lulu has always been my favorite Champion from League of Legends and I think Riot and their merchandising team did an amazing job in capturing the adorable nature of Lulu in this figurine!


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  1. I know of League of Legends but i've never played it. Thanks for sharing the cute figurine.

    1. It is a really fun game, but the community has gotten really bad (probably worse than the pre-mature online Call Of Duty clan) but if you ever get the chance, you should check it out :)

    2. Oh yikes! That's not good at all! I have to honest I don't play MMOs because of my little offspring. It never fails that he wakes up or crashes the party. LOL I've just stopped because I can't commit.

    3. Yeah its kind of horrible lol. But I play with a group of friends so if we ever have a random on our team we can usually carry without their engagement in the game :P & LOL aw its okay! Its probably best your children don't get into MMOs. They can be filled with really creepy people, stranger danger, and just a really bad community in general, sometimes. I wouldn't want my future kids involved with that either lol