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Are you still following Pretty Little Liars? After six years (and six seasons), I. Marlene K is still going strong with the vivid, twisted story line. Last night was the Season 6 Finale and I couldn't hold in my thoughts throughout the whole episode. If you haven't caught up, right now is probably the best time to decide: stop reading and binge watch or continue reading and risk spoilers. The choice is yours.


For those of you who have caught up or just don't care for spoilers, I thought I'd begin the post with a a little episode synopsis:

The stalker threatens to kill the liars if they don't divulge Charlotte's killer by the election; Spencer and Toby work together to catch Sara; Alison experiences strange visions and starts to question her sanity.(from IMDB).

Also, I think it is important to note, in the previous episode Hanna and Caleb also devised a plan to "trick" Uber A into thinking Hanna killed Charlotte as bait to trap him/her. That is what I assumed this episode would be about from last week's recollection, anyways.

So, I thought I'd write this post as I go through the episode for the first time, to give the most natural and genuine thoughts that came to mind. I also added time stamps so you can follow along if you PVR'd the episode! Let's go?!
  • Oh shoot Uber A is typing! (1:10)
  • Oh no, Uber A doesn't believe them (1:13) 
  • But omg the incorporation of emojis (1:14)
  • Hanna's so sweet but girl you really don't need to do this (1:26)
  • Omg Spencer's face when Hanna says she trusts Caleb. The Salt in her eyes!
  • Awkward (1:41)
  • Oh Hanna's in shit! (2:06)
  • I don't actually think Uber A took the bait. That was WAY too easy (2:12)
  • Ali and Elliot are so cute! (2:54)
  • OH that's where Jason's been! Working for the Carissimi group! (3:35)
  • Oh Toby! LOL (4:31)
  • Aw Spoby! u_u (4:48)
  • Note to self: You can google how to build an electric fence (5:42)
  • Oh damn! What did Sara miss! (6:24)
  • A secret room? In the Radley? Who would make a secret room? (6:32)
  • Charlotte made a secret room? Why? (6:37)
  • Yeah Spencer. Don't do it alone. Did you not learn from the first six seasons that doing anything alone turns out very very bad? (6:46)
  • Aw is Ezra crying? (7:34)
  • Aw Ezraaaa! Let me just hug your sadness away! (7:58)
  • EZRIA?! ... oh no just friendly comforting (8:44). 
  • I really miss Ezria. I like Ezra more than Liam. #SorryNotSorry (9:05)
  • OH NO ITS THIS SCENE (you will only get it if you saw one of the spoilers PLL shared on Facebook & Twitter) (9:13)
  • Oh god, oh god, oh god! The music box! (9:30) 
  • Don't go into that room Ali! Uh you did it... (9:35) 
  • Oh no. oh no. oh no. (9:42)
  • HOLY CRAP! (9:49) 
  • Yup scared me again (9:53) 
  • No don't answer it Ali! (10:06)
  • Omg, girl, why?! (10:11)
  • Nope. nope. nope. So much nope right now (10:24)
  • Aw Ali and Emily bonding time! (10:42)  
  • I sure as hell hope it is the pain killers! (11:13)
  • Oh god, someone is watching them! (11:42)
  • Oh Toby. You just did the one thing all girlfriends hate--when their boyfriends can't show up to an important function and fail to fully explain it to your girlfriend. Oh boy (12:15)
  • Oh she called it. Your girlfriend called it! (12:22)
  • Awkward (12:23)
  • Aw Mona! (12:33)
  • Mona seems genuine? Maybe I'm just biased because I like Mona lol (13:06)
  • Awkward, more Toby and Yvonne drama (13:41)
  • "I won't let you turn me into the woman who says 'pick me not her'" YOU GO GIRL! (13:58)
  • They couldn't have picked ANY other place to meet Uber A than that creepy old resort? Really? (14:11)
  • Aw Caleb is so smart! (14:43)
  • YES EZRIA! So much yes! (15:59)
  • Girl, I think you ARE writing from the heart (16:10)
  • OH NO. A HAND. OH NO! (16:24)
  • WILDEN? (16:34)
  • Damn Caleb ;) (17:43)
  • Since when did Caleb move back into the barn? (18:05) 
  • LOL awkward! Mr. Hastings! (18:55)
  • Eliot and Ali are so cute! (19:50)
  • OMFG AGAIN! She scared me again! So much nope! (20:03)
  • Okay this can't be real if Wilden has a wound still years after being shot and killed (20:22)
  • Oh girlfriend shade (20:38)
  • Love, love, love Ari's outfit! (21:08)
  • Aw Yay! Their book was approved by Gillian! (21:58)
  • DAAAMN Ezria! Back at it again! (22:09)
  • YES! Yes! So much yes! Ezria is back at it again! (22:20)
  • Aw even when Ezria are having sex, they are so cute! (22:38)
  • Whose's room is that? (23:21)
  • Oh damn. Thats why they broke up. (24:11)
  • I'd probably wouldn't give up my dream job for a guy though so I don't blame her (24:20)
  • Oh god the infamous cellphone ring. (25:10)
  • Oh its just Elliot (25:18)
  • Oh god Emily. You screwed up. You lost Alison! (25:26)
  • I sure hope no one kidnapped Ali (26:34)
  • Oh God. Nothing good ever happens at the Rosewood Church (26:49)
  • aw n_n (27:44) 
  • Aw Hanna Feels guilty! (27:55)
  • Ou Artsy (28:23) 
  • Aw she came back for him! (29:11)
  • Oh no he already left (29:21)
  • And he left his phone! (29:34)
  • NO CALEB DON'T KISS HER! (30:06)
  • Ugh you did it! But Spencer! Now there's a complicated love Triangle! (30:37)
  • Why would you ever want to walk down in the Radley again like that? (30:49)
  • And so it begins! (31:45)
  • Oh god we're in the Church. Nothing ever good happens in this church (31:58)
  • Aw Alison! (32:05)
  • OH NO A SHADOW! (32:15) 
  • Oh okay its just Emily! (32:27)
  • Aw poor Ali! (32:57)
  • Oh damn they actually found the door! (33:10)
  • Oh no someone is coming! (33:15)
  • God dammit Mona! (33:36)
  • Mary Drake? (34:20) 
  • She was a patient at Radley? Wasn't that Cici's (Charlotte's) fake last name? (34:22)
  • Charles isn't Ali's Brother? Charlette isn't Ali's sister?/ (34:27)
  • Oh my flipping gosh! (35:02) 
  • THEY KNOW ITS A TRAP (35:19)
  • Oh no Hanna! (36:00)
  • I'm so confused (36:16) 
  • Aw Ali is getting psychiatric help! (36:44)
  • Aw Ali! (37:39) 
  • Yes Mrs. Hastings! New State Senator! Woo! (38:13)
  • Oh god Spencer is about to find out Hanna is missing! (38:36)
  • The floors? (38:57)
  • Is that Mrs. D? (39:42) 
  • Or perhaps "Mary Drake"? (39:42)
  • Oh and Mrs. D? (40:10)
  • Elliot is actually in love with Charlotte?! And Married Ali to get revenge on her death?! (40:29)
  • What are you taking back? Charlotte is dead (40:37)
  • OH NO! POOR HANNA! (40:59)
  • A.D.? (41:15)
  • OH NO! HANNA! (41:42)
Final Thoughts: 

That was a really confusing a messed up episode. My boyfriend's older sister actually guessed that the twin theory would be Mrs. D's twin, but I was so shocked to see Elliot was a sham! I also can't believe how many old couples came back together for one episode!

While we did get a few answers:

  • Who the twins in the series were 
  • What happened with Hanna & Caleb's break up 
  • What was in the basement of Radley's hidden room

A few continuing running questions I have though:

  • Who is A.D.?
via 40:57
  • Who dragged Hanna to the Bell Tower if Elliot and Mary Drake were in Ali's house? Is this Uber A?
via 41:41

  • Where was Sara Harvey this whole episode? She still shady af. Plus she booked a room on the first floor of the Radley, specifically on top of the old Radley basement. They assumed she was looking for something? What was she looking for? Why was she looking for it?  
  • Who closed off that secret room in the original Radley? Why? And why was the only thing left in that room the files for Mary Drake?
  • Why are we just learning about Mary Drake now? If Mary was in Radley and Charlotte was in Radley, why did none of the doctors know this? Why was no one able to put two-and-two together until now? How did Ali not even know her mom had a twin sister? 
  • What does Elliot and Mary want to take back? Charlotte is dead. What is left to take back?

This whole episode was just an emotional roller coaster. Honestly though, they really prolonged the episode. The clues that were given were only present in the last 10 minutes. 

Nevertheless, I am super excited for the next season in June! I can't contain myself! I must know what happens to Hanna! And the Group! And Mary Drake! And Alison! Ahhh!

What were your thoughts of this season's season finale?


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