Making a Comeback! || Let's Play League of Legends - ARAM!

If you have yet to see it, Adam and I uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel on Sunday! This week, we were playing League of Legends in the ARAM game mode. A lot of gaming blogs I read don't really share much on MOBA games (and to be honest, I don't blame them for not playing them because the MOBA communities can be saaaal-tyyyy).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with League of Legends, it is a 5v5 team based multiplayer online battlefield arena (MOBA) game where your overall task is to defeat the enemy nexus! Each member of your team must pick one of the many characters--or Champions--available, who have specialized skills and spells and pick a lane according to the champion they picked. In the ARAM gamemode, though, everyone is given a random champion and you must work to the best of your ability with your team in a one laned map to defeat the other team and kill their nexus.

I play MOBAs a lot though--League of Legends is probably one of my most played games on my gaming PC since I started university, actually--and thought I'd share some game play montages every now and then. I find the game is so much more enjoyable when you are playing with friends because:
(1) You are more likely to win because you know your teammates play styles and can easily play around it; and
(2) It is generally so much more fun because of all of the inside jokes and commentary. 
In this particular ARAM, we started off with a huge lead--defeating the enemy's outer turret in 5 minutes. From there, we were trolling and throwing a bit, causing us to almost lose the game; but made a HUGE comeback! All mixed in with a bunch of funny moments. I had so much fun recording this game play and hope you all enjoy it!

If you wanted to check out some of Adam and my other videos, it is always linked below, after each post!

What are some of your favourite multiplayer games to play on PC? I've been meaning to put my graphics card to good use! Any other games (single-player, multiplayer, co-op, puzzle, etc.) you think Adam and I should check out? I'd love to hear some suggestions for some new games! 

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  1. Oh man, this is awesome. I used to play league a ton in the past years but have only played a handful of times this year. I also only play in ARAM mode; when I play summoner's rift there's too much pressure and if you're not playing with friends, can end up with some pretty mean people.

    1. Thank you! League has gotten a lot better recently! I started in season 3, I think and since then, they re-did the whole map, all of the jungle camps, baron looks SO cool now and added a lot of really unique champions! lol honestly I prefer ARAM when my friends don't play with me either! There are a lot of really mean people! Because my name clearly shows I am a girl, I have have people target me in game and tell me "Get off league and get in the kitchen, little girl". Some people are disgusting. But I stopped letting it affect me and use it more as motivation to kick their asses in the game!