The Happy Planner March Flip-Through [March 2016 Planner Spreads]

I can't believe how fast March flew by! I feel like, in this month's time, so much in my life has changed and I am so happy with how amazing things have been going so far! As you may remember, last Monthly Flip-Through, I was deciding to open up an Etsy shop--and I've done it! DaintyRoseDesigns is now open! I'm so happy with how it has turned out, so far and I hope you all continue to love my designs! In April, I actually will be sharing some of my Deluxe Kits that I've used in my Happy Planner! Stay tuned for that! Until then, here are my weekly spreads for this month!

You can see I've gradually moved from simple planner decorating to a "no white space" layout. I'm actually really liking the "no white space" planning style, but sometimes it can get really distracting to my eyes. Nevertheless, I think I may continue to use it.

Week 1 | Galaxy "Positive Life"
I made this kit with a background I actually made myself on PicMonkey while I was bored. I think this kit turned out beautifully! I am so happy I ended up using it for my birthday week. I know most people decorate with lots of balloons and bright colors in their planner for their birthday week, but for me--I thought I'd just use a patterned I liked and would enjoy looking at for the week. I later recreated this kit to make a basic functional galaxy kit that I am currently selling in my shop.

Stickers Used

Week 2 | Pastel Rainbow
I really enjoyed designing this kit too! I probably would never sell it, unless I switched out the patterns because I grabbed the patterns off of Google, but It turned out so freaking cute! I was in love! It also went so well with the pastel rainbow functional stickers I have created for my shop!

Stickers Used 

Week 3 | Mint and Gold 
I bought this kit from Plan Everything Shop. This is a fellow printable sticker shop and I am absolutely in love with her designs! This is the first week I started to try out "no white space" planning and to be completely honest, I am loving it way more! Maybe it is just the amazing designs by Plan Everything Shop that make me really love this "no white space" planning method! Originally I was going to do a general St. Patrick's Day kit, but I loved the Gold and Mint and thought this may give my St. Patrick's Day spread a little chic. 

Stickers Used 

Week 4 | Easter - Pink, Purple & Yellow 
For the last spread of this month, I used another Kit from Plan Everything Shop. I think this would have to be my favorite spread out of the whole month. The colors are absolutely adorable and it really blended well with the pastel stickers I have in my shop. I also used a bunch of stickers from other shops to use up some of the stickers I have in my stash but never really used anymore. 

Stickers Used


Overall, I really loved this month's spreads. They turned out to be my favorites, so far, from my Happy Planner. Hopefully as time continues, my spreads will continue to get better and better! Which week's spread is your favorite? 

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