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If you're anything like me, your gaming gear does matter. I have a lot of friends and family who ask me why I spend so much money on my headset or my keyboard when I can use cheap earbuds or find a cheap keyboard at Walmart--but to me, the investment in good gaming equipment enhances the experience and comfortably.

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I have been meaning to do this post for a long time. I got a few upgrades in my gaming gear since I made my last Gaming Set-Up Update and wanted to share my thoughts on them, but the idea kind of got lost while I was preparing to open my shop, expand my posting schedule, and trying to make my way through midterm season in University. I'm glad I found these photos on my laptop and decided to finally share this post!

So currently, my gaming gear consists of all things Razer. If you are unfamiliar with Razer, it is an American company founded by Min-Liang Tan and specializing in products made for gamers. Their logo is even "For gamers. By gamers" implying they know what gamers want because they are gamers. When doing research on their company, I really liked that they advertised that they, themselves, are gamers too. I guess it created more reliability-assurance that their products would fulfill what gamers wanted in their gear, unlike some companies who make "Gaming Gear" just because they know it is a huge market to invest in.

Before joining "the cult of razer" I have heard a lot of mixed opinions regarding their products. It seemed as if people either really liked their products or really despised them. I, myself, after using their products for almost a year, enjoy them and am definitely planning on buying future upgrades of my gaming gear from them in the future.

My first baby I bought from Razer is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Keyboard. I bought this keyboard the same day I bought all of my pieces of my gaming PC.

Taking these photos took me forever, mostly because my keyboard was pretty dusty and dirty from how much I have use it. I spent so long trying to clean it with compressed air and lysol wipes, but as you can see it is still pretty dirty. That is one of the things I don't like about razer: everything is black, so you can see when it is dirty. But I guess there isn't much of a choice, anyways, considering most gaming keyboards are black, anyways. So I guess it isn't much of Razer's problem, but gaming keyboards in general.

I originally was deciding between the Black Widow Chroma and the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard, but ended up picking the Razer because I liked the way my hands felt on it. I have small hands and really don't like keys that stick up too much. I also didn't like how on the Corsair K70 RGB you could see under the keys. It was really wasn't aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

After a year of using the Razer Black Widow Chroma, I am still in love with it and probably buy this same keyboard or an upgrade (or any are made in the future) of this keyboard if this one ever breaks. I love the customization options that make all of my Razer backlighting to match. I love how easy it is to type on it and play games where you button mash keys--lol yes I button mash in league sometimes. I have really small hands, as I've said before, so I like how the keys aren't that far away from each other, either. I also haven't had problems with keys being sticky and failing to come back up, which is nice.

My second baby I purchased from Razer is the Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse. This is not the Chroma. Unfortunately, I bought this mouse a week before the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition was released, which is Chroma. You can only imagine how pretty darn upset I was. Nevertheless, you can still partially customize the color of your mouse. It isn't as customizable as the Chroma, but meh, I'll survive. It is also wireless, with the option to be wired, and comes with a charging dock.

This is probably the worst out of all of my Razer products. It may just be the mouse I bought from Canada Computers. I'm not quite sure. My mouse's scroll wheel stopped working within maybe a month of purchasing it. I can click the scroll wheel and it will be responsive, but I cannot roll it to scroll down through pages. Weird right?

Other than that, it still does everything it needs to do. I love how there are many options for mouse sensitivity and dpi. My old mouse, the Dragon War Leviathan, only had four dpi options and I was already playing at the fastest dpi speed on my mouse--and even that was kind of slow for me. There are also two buttons on the left side of the mouse which you can assign. Mine are just set to "page forward" and "page back" for now. I believe that is the default, actually, and I just never changed it.

I love how my hands fit comfortably on the mouse. Sometimes when I use my boyfriend, Adam's, mouse, it feels really weird in my hands. But this mouse fits my small hands perfectly and comfortably.

My last two pieces to my gaming gear I got for Christmas from my boyfriend, Adam! The first being the Razer Firefly Mouse Mat. This is a hard, micro-textured mouse mat that lights up! How freaking cool is that?! I think he bought it for me because I always complained about how my gaming gear didn't match and it annoyed me.

It was really hard to get used to, at first. It made my mouse feel really sensitive, but now I am used to it and feels really smooth when moving my mouse over it.

My last piece to my gaming gear is the Razer Kracken 7.1 Chroma. This is probably my favorite out of all my gaming gear! This was also a gift from Adam for Christmas. I mostly wanted it to match the rest of my gaming gear--as I shared before--but later fell in love with it! It is so comfortable on the ears, not heavy on the head, and optimizes to be surround sound. How cool is it to be able to play your favorite games in surround sound? I also love how it is adjustable in size. My old headset, the Steelseries Siberia V2, was only one size, so it usually falling off my head, which was really uncomfortable sometimes. I enjoy this one a lot though!


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some information on the Razer Gaming Gear Franchise. As always, product links are dispersed through out the post as well as down below at the end.

If you do use their products, what do you think of them?  If not, what are some of your favorite gaming gear companies? I've heard a lot of good things from Steelseries, Logitech, and Corsair, too! Which is your favorite? Let me know down below!

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  1. How fun! I love all of the gaming gear! I am a console gamer but I embrace all gamers and I love the purple theme you decided on for all your gear!

    1. Thank you Dina! (Oops, sorry I didn't reply earlier. Didnt see this until now.) I used to be a really big console gamer myself (played a lot of xbox 360 in high school) and I miss it but barely any games come out for 360 now and I'm not really into the xbox one. What console is your favorite?

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