5 Have-To-Try Uses For Project Life Cards In Your Planner

Do you have a bunch of Project Life cards sitting around your craft desk/room/house and have no clue what to do with them? Everyone keeps telling me I should just stop purchasing them because I never follow through with Project Life. But wow could you not want to buy them? They are absolutely adorable.

If you're anything like me, I bought a bunch of Project Life cards but never ended up using them to make Project Life albums--so now they just sit around my desk taking up space. Fortunately, I have been trying to think of some clever ways to put them to use without having to buy Project Life Albums.

If you are unsure of what Project Life cards are, they are small cards meant to be decoration or for journaling in Project Life Albums. The "Project Life" craft method is like a cross-breed between photo keeping in a photo album and scrapbooking. 

Lately, I have really been trying to maximize my productivity by using these cards throughout my planner.

Today, I will be sharing with you 5 Have-To-Try uses for Project Life Cards in Your Planner

The first use I suggest for Project Life cards is to use them for Memory Keeping. While you could have a planner solely created for memory keeping, I like to keep everything all together. I find that punching holes into my cards, writing down weekly memories, and then popping them into my happy planner makes it super easy to remember which week a certain experience happened while saving space in my actual planner for important tasks or reminders. 

Another use, similar to memory keeping, is tracking Gratitude. I have been working extremely hard to be conscious of little things I am thankful for, in my life. That being said, sometimes, on busy weeks, there isn't space in my planner to write gratitude--especially if I have a long list of things I am thankful for that week. Instead, I find popping in a Project Life card to do this, weekly, is a lot more space effective. 

I also enjoy creating Grocery List on Project Life cards. If you need to take a quick trip to the store and a few items come to mind, why not use a project life card to take note of them? Its small so you can easily pop them into your planner for portability and easily pop it out of your planner while shopping to prevent yourself from having to carry a planner around the whole grocery shop with you. 

Another great use for Project Life cards is to use it to Track Your Schedule. As a student, my schedule is all over the place. I like to write out the days I have class and the time my class is. This is awesome because if your class goes on for several weeks, you can easily move this card to the next week, no problem. I currently enrolled in a blogging and content marketing online class and the time difference is EST to UK so I enjoy tracking them on a card to remember what time my webinars are. 

Finally. the last use of Project Life cards I suggest is Meal Tracking. Again, it is super space effective. If you wanted to, you could even write little recipes on each project life card and stick all the recipes you plan on cooking that week into your planner, so you have the recipes at hand. Then, when you cook it for that week, just store the recipe away until the next time you plan on cooking it again. 

Which idea is your favorite? How do you use your Project Life cards in your planning life? I'd love to hear them down below!

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  1. Just found your blog via Twitter. Love this idea. I have just bought my first Happy Planner and an IG friend has sent me some PL cards to try. I'm going to give it a go, but also love the ideas you have here. Thank you so much for sharing! Xx

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! Welcome to the Happy Planner world and I hope these ideas help make planning easier and more productive for you. Happy Planning, Ruth! xo