April Goals | Planning A Better Lifestyle

I cannot believe how quickly 2016 is flying by. While the beginning of 2016 has brought many new opportunities, experiences, and achievements, I have also felt disappointed in myself or not starting many of the goals I gave myself for new years resolutions (but that's pretty normal, right?).

I know this isn't planner related, but it is organizing and plannING related since I'm planning my life. Maybe it will motivate you to start planning goals monthly, as well!

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Some of these goals won't end in April and will be an ongoing process, but I think documenting and watching my progress will help me continue to stay motivated.

  • Save Wisely - Racking up the money is only half of wealth. If you make a lot of money, but do not save any, you really do not have any to begin with, do you? I know this is kind of a stereotypical and universal goal for everyone, but I'm realizing as I get older, I need to save money--especially with finishing up University and having to pay off student debt soon. 
  • Get healthier - Now this isn't one of those "work out to look hot" kind of health goals. I really let myself go since University started. I started eating unhealthy because it was cheaper and easier, I started exercising less (or not at all), and I've been letting stress take-over my mental health. This has really taken a toll on how I live my life, the opportunities I pursue, and has left me laying in bed for hours on end with no energy or motivation. I want to overall work towards being a stronger, happier, and healthier me.
  • Spent More Time Appreciating My Relationship - Adam and I have had a rocky couple of months. Not to say that we've been fighting a lot--because it is far from that--but rather we have had little time to spend with each other, compared to how much time we used to have, and it has really been taking a toll on our relationship. We both have been so busy pursuing big dreams that we've both kind of put aside our relationship and each other. Similarly, when we do have the time together, I feel like we--or at least I--take it for granted. I want to spend more time this month appreciating my relationship with Adam, the little things he does to hold our relationship together, and the sweet person he is, in general. I want to make sure he knows I appreciate him. This may mean spending more time together, putting down work tasks while hanging out, or simply going for weekly walks&talks like we planned for spring. I hope this helps strengthen our relationship after a couple of months of under-prioritizing it.
  • Spend More Time Reflecting On My Day - Again, I feel like this would help me live a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a really reflective person and write about my day, my thoughts, and my dreams. I don't do it so much anymore because of how much "time" I feel like I don't have. I want to make that time to do this, this month.
  • Climb Out Of Bronze - I have been in Bronze I for almost a month in League of Legends. I'm sitting at 86 LP right now and I know I could easily win my series--especially since I already have one automatic win from losing my first series--but I guess I am just scared to do it in fear of failing again. I want to climb out and join Silver this month. 
  • Finish Sword Art Online - I started this anime a while ago but just stopped. I'm not sure why. I want to continue watching it and finish the first season, hopefully!
  • Pre-write blog posts - I've been really slacking on my blog content. Most of the time, I write the post the morning I planned on posting. I know this is horrible. I'm hoping to work towards maintaining pre-writing blog posts so that I do not have to worry about writing them in the morning and feeling stressed to just get one out. This will also help me make richer content for you, my readers. 
  • Advertising Game "On Point" - Since I've started my Etsy shop, my biggest form of advertisement has been Instagram. I hope to create rich content on my IG to bring in more customers. While the main goal of my shop isn't to make money--but more so to share my designs while still giving me rightful ownership of my products by (basically) selling licensing to use my designs, having more exposure would be really nice. 
  • Get my Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing - I began taking online classes at The Shaw Academy for a diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing. I actually found a WagJag for it and got a full class for like $20--when tuition is almost $400. Sounds kind of sketchy, but I really have been enjoying my classes so far and feel like it has really helped my blog and my social media marketing. I hope to continue working towards this class--even though I hate school work--and hopefully finish this month with a Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing.
These are my goals for the month of April. What are some of yours? 

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  1. So many awesome goals! I'm right there with you on wanting to get healthy. I could care less about looking hot, I just want to feel less crappy! School can definitely take a toll on your health, but it's good that you're conscientious about it and trying to make changes! And OH MY GOSH finish Sword Art Online!!

    1. It has been so hard since university started for me, health wise u_u Even my doctor is concerned with how much weight I've gained in such a short amount of time. Whoever said Freshmen 15 was just a myth clearly didn't experience the struggle of being a broke student who will eat anything lol! & LOL! I'll try! I want to! But I cancelled my netflix recently and im not very big on normal streaming (lol because im lazy to click the next video!)

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