How I Use Multiple Planners - Updated Planner Set-Up

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I love planners. It is always an amazing feeling how prepared and creative they can make you feel while their aesthetics easily reflect your personality. I love how you can make it your own. But, this has caused me to buy way more planners than I originally needed.

In my previous Planner Set-Up post, in January, I was using The Happy Planner, the Heidi Swapp Instax Memory Planner, and a Bullet Journal System in a notebook. I also mentioned I owned a Spiral Large Agenda and a Kate Spade Agenda that were currently not in use. Well, since January, I have bought three new planners--two which were added to my collection and one which I ended up giving away as a gift. I bought the new 2016/2017 Happy Planners in three different styles and have slowly been adopting a form of planning that separates big sections of my life into categories so that my one planner is not too crowded that it overwhelms me.

Several planners can become very overwhelming at first, but I have found that, when done in an organized method that you understand and works for you, it is actually a lot more simple than having brain-mush all over one planner, with little to no space to go into detail over your tasks.

Today, I will be sharing how I use three planners in my daily life, in hopes of inspiring you of ways you could use all of your extra planners you want to use but are not use as to what to use them for, yet!

My first planner, the 2015/2016 Happy Planner - Life is Beauty Full, is my Life/Personal planner. I use this planner for:

  • Appointments
  • Social Plans/Events/Gatherings
  • Days I get to see Adam
  • Birthdays
  • Bills
  • Tracking my work-outs
  • Tracking my tea-tox progress
  • Goals
  • To-Do lists
  • Personal spending
  • Paydays
  • Overview of Work/School important dates

This planner tends to be the most decorated because it is the planner I use the most. This planner holds together an overview of plans in many different aspects of my life. 

A normal spread usually begins with my To-Do List for the day. These are important tasks for my personal life and a reminder of which of my other planners will be in use that day. For example, if I had "Blog Post" as one of my to-do tasks, I'd know I need my Content Creating Planner for that day. I also have my work-out for the day listed under this heading. 

My next heading changes, depending on the kit I use. In this kit, I was provided with a "Bits and Bobs" header, but I usually call it "Little Things" as most people know it as. Here, I track appointments, my hydrate tracker, my tea-tox progress tracker, classes, meetings, etc. Basically anything that needs tracking, events, or anything I need to remember to do, but it isn't necessarily important enough to add to my "To Do" section. 

My last heading used is the Today heading. Here, I always use a half box to write my main priority for the day or a big day long event. These usually consist of "Content Creating Day", "Work", "New Releases", or Birthdays. I also track my dinners in this section, my shows for that day, and bills that are due. 

In my sidebar, I tend to fill it with weekly trackers that pertain to the whole week. For example, my goals, my work schedule, and my spending tracker. Sometimes, if I have room, I'll also add a Weekly To-Do List of tasks that need to get done sometime throughout the week, but not necessarily on a specific day. 

My second planner, The 2016/2017 Happy Planner - Picture Quote, is used as a Content Creating Planner. I use this planner for: 
  • Blog Tasks
  • Pre-Planning Blog Posts
  • Tracking Social Media Advertising of Blog Posts
  • Tracking Blog Post View Counts 
  • Etsy Tasks
  • Tracking Etsy Sales
  • Tracking my Etsy Instagram's weely followers
  • Spendings Specific to my Shop & Blog
  • YouTube Tasks

This is what a weekly spread tends to look like. I am actually currently using the Happy Planner Extension Pack. It isn't as highly decorated as my other two planners, mostly because I wanted to use this planner more-so for functionality to help me better organize my shop and blog than for it to just look cute. 

My first header is specific to  my blog. Here, I have a small to-do list for blog specific content, a small sticker to help me track when I need to take photographs for my blog posts, and a tracker on specific days when I will be posting a new blog post and a small tracker to remind me to share the post on social media. 

My header is specific to my Etsy Shop. Here, I only have a to-do list. Beside each task, though, I have a special icon to identify what I need to do with that item. 

As shown above, an Up-Arrow means I need to upload the kit onto Etsy and an Asterisk(*) means I still need to create a kit. Anything left without a symbol most likely is for other Etsy purposes, like creating IG advertisement photos.

The last header is specific to my YouTube Channel. If you do not know, I actually have a YouTube channel with my boyfriend where we play video games with our friends. Once a month, we post a new montage video of funny moments in a game we've played with our friends. In this section, on my planner, it is very small because we only post videos once a month. Nevertheless, we record a lot throughout the month and pick out of those several recordings to decide which video we will be editing and uploading.

In the sidebar, I track Blog post videos (I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), my weekly follower count from Instagram, my Etsy shop sales for the week and my spending that is shop or blog related.

My last planner I am currently using, the 2016/2017 Happy Planner - Fresh Floral, is my School/Work Planner. I use this planner for:

  • Tracking my class schedule
  • Tracking my work schedule
  • Tracking my school/work to-do lists
  • Marking my webinars I need to watch/attend
  • Tracking Assignments/Projects
  • Noting School/Work Related meetings

This is typically what my school/work planner spread tends to look like. It is a lot more decorated than my blog/content creating planner but less decorated as my personal planner. 

I begin my planner with the heading Today, where I make a note as to whether it is a school or work day. I am a full time student and work part time (full time n the summers) so I like to have a planner that accommodates both. In this section, I usually also mark my hours, whether in school or work. 

Immediately after, I have a section for my Top Priorities for that day. These are things I have to get done and should get done first. 

I, then, have a section for my To-do's. These range from readings, assignments, notes to make, etc. 

Then the bottom of my spread, I usually have another section for more to-do lists. If I am at work, I usually use this section for phone calls I need to make--because I am a clerical assistant who is constantly scheduling meetings. 

In my sidebar, I have a To-Do List for the week, a "To Watch" section which I note which webinars I need to attend or match that week, and areas I need to organize on my desk at home or my cubicle at work. 


This is how I break up my planners. What other uses do you use your planners for? I'd love to hear them down below! 

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