New Releases! [4/29/16] - Captain America Deluxe Kit, Kawaii Tea-tox Trackers & Adorable E-mail Stickers!

Happy Friday Planner People! I'm on time posting my New Releases for once! I'm pretty stickin' proud if I do say so, myself. This week, I have a special themed Deluxe kit, 28 day tea-tox tracking stickers, and some adorable e-mail stickers! I hope you enjoy the stickers as much as I loved designing them!

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28 Day Tea-tox Tracker ($2.00CAD) | One of my goals this month was to get healthier and in doing so, I began a 28 day tea-tox using Tiny Tea. For those of you who have never done a tea-tox, basically you drink the special tea-blend 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal, and in doing so, you are cleansing your digestive system while preventing bloating. Just like tracking your water, it is very important to track your tea during tea-toxes to ensure maximum benefits. Because of such, I created this tea-tox tracker to help those of you interested in doing a tea-tox. Even if you don't want to do a tea-tox, these hand drawn Kawaii planner stickers are adorable to use as decorative stickers, as well.

Pastel E-mail Stickers ($2.00CAD) | I've also added these adorable pastel E-mail stickers to my shop this week. These pastel planner stickers are hand drawn, bright, fun, and fully functional. I tend to have a lot of e-mail clean-up and replying to do, both for my Full-Time office job and for my blog/shop and these stickers are an adorable way to remind myself of e-mail tasks.

Captain America Deluxe Planner Kit - ECLP/HP ($5.00CAD) | I am in love with this Captain America planner kit I have created! I'm for-sure going to be using this for next week when Captain America: Civil War comes out! Even if you don't use it for next week, it is a fantastic kit to use for Independence Day (in the USA) or any other week you just feel like using it. I've re-done the functional page (page 3) to add meal tracking, hydration, bill trackers, date night trackers, little things, and other functional stickers. This kit is available for both The Happy Planner and Erin Condren Life Planner. Nevertheless, all of the stickers are fully functional to be used for any other planner!

What new released would you all like to see in the future? I'd love to hear them down in the comments!


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