Visiting a bite of Asia | Asian Food and Culture Adventure

Happy Wednesday! I'm sharing something a little different today. I haven't shared a "diary style" blog post in a long time and I wanted to share this adventure with you. Let me know down below in the comments if you think I should do more "diary style" blog posts of adventures Adam and I go on--because we tend to go on a lot, especially in the Summer time!

Adam and I went on an awesome adventure, last Friday, to Markham, Ontario, with some of our friends for a goodbye "party" date for our best friend Kevin, who is an International Student and is flying home to Mexico for the summer. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you may remember we held a League of Legends LAN party at our University campus for him, last year.

This year, we went on a trip to Pacific Mall--which is the largest Chinese Indoor Mall in North America--with Kevin and our other best friend Emil and enjoyed dinner at Chako BBQ--which is a Korean BBQ and Sushi house--with the guys and our two other friend Marissa and Michael

At Pacific Mall, I ate and ate and ate! The moment we stepped foot in the mall, I literally spend majority of our time there trying different Asian foods. I'm a huge foodie and love trying new foods from different cultures--especially Asian street food! It is secretly (not-so-secret-any-more) my foodie guilty pleasure!

via Teri C
I had some Curried Fish Balls at the Fish Ball Place which are my absolute favorite to eat whenever I go to Pacific mall!

via Tiffanayylmao

And we bought $10 worth of Pinoy Waffles in the flavors (1) Ham & Cheese, (1) Chocolate, (2) Caramel, (1) hot dog, and (1) apple cinnamon. They were absolutely delicious! The savory ones were a lot better than the dessert ones, though.

We also went to Fruity Juice Bars, where I bought myself a large Mango Slush with Mango Chunks and Aloe Vera. It tasted so fresh and delicious! It is probably my new favorite Juice and Bobba spot in the mall now!

I wish I could have taken my own photos, but I was so excited to eat them, I forgot to take photos! Leave me a comment down below if you get overly excited about food, too, that sometimes you forget to take a photo!

On top of food adventures, we spend a lot of time shopping, as well. Adam bought himself an amazing black survival knife that has a compass and mini survival kit in the handle. I also bought him some Nunchucks from this weapons store we visited--Emil and Kevin also bought themselves nunchucks. In exchange, he bought me an adorable Panda Plushie that we named "Barry"--originally I thought it was "Beary" but apparently Adam wanted to name it "Barry" after "Barry Allen" haha! He also bought our friend Emil a Digimon Plushie. 

The rest of our time at the mall, we spent playing in the Arcade where we took photo booth photos, raced in car games, and I got my butt kicked in DDR. There were other awesome games at the Arcade like Flappy Bird, Deal or No Deal, and Wheel of Fortune. We ended up winning 250 tickets after an hour--which I cashed in for a ring pop, an airhead and a blue Minecraft inspired rubber ducky. 

We ended our evening at Chako, korean bbq and sushi house, where we got to cook our own dinners on grills and enjoy fresh sushi. It was so much fun and I'm glad our friends had a good time--because it was the first time at a Korean BBQ for most of them. 

Overall, I think it was a successful "goodbye" date and I'm glad everyone had so much fun! I'm hoping to have many more fun adventures like this in the future!


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  1. Aww, I loved reading about your day! More diary style posts, please<3 But seriously, that place sounds EPIC! I would have so much fun trying all that yummy food! And I'm totally with you on the whole being too excited to take pictures of your food thing:P

    1. Thanks Ashlee! I'll for sure post more diary style posts of my adventures in the future! Hopefully this time I'll remember to take photos of food before I pig-out! haha! I think you would really like Pacific Mall, if you ever went to Canada. There are a bunch of stores with anime plushies and figurines for super duper cheap prices and lots of yummy food! Geeky heaven!

  2. I love Korean BBQ or Japanese BBQ although the Korean one you get so much food that isn't supposed to be grilled. I'm glad you got to go enjoy yourself and pig out so much fun!

    1. Thanks Dina! <3 Yeah Korean BBQ is one of my faves! Especially when they sell sushi there too! If you want really good Japanese BBQ, you should try teppanyaki, if you have not already. There are a ride range of foods that are grilled and non-grilled (and sometimes, even cooked in front of you like a show).