6 on 6 [May] - Green

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am back with another #6on6 hosted by Emma from the Scruffy Little Nerd Herder! Make sure you go visit her blog, after you finish reading this post! She has amazing content! If you are new to my blog and are unfamiliar with #6on6, it is a monthly photography series with different color prompts for each month.

This Month's color, if you can't already tell, is Green! I had so much fun preparing and taking these photos for this month's prompt. For once, I actually planned out my #6on6, put a lot of thought and effort into it, and posted it on time! Because of the lovely weather we've been having lately in Ontario, Adam and I picked up some of my nerdy figures and made our way to the Lake behind my house to get some photos done, for a little change in scenery from my normal grey striped blanket you usually see in the background of many of my photos. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

What do you guys think of this change? Maybe I'll do more photos like this in the future?

The Happy Planner Covers | I never really noticed this until now, but I have two planners with green covers. To be honest, green is actually one of my least favorite colors, but for some reason I own two planners with a green cover. Nevertheless, all of these planner covers are absolutely adorable!

If you're curious what I use 3 planners for, check out this post.

Nami Vinyl Figure | Nami's green hair does a beautiful light to dark ombre. Because I was by the lake, I couldn't leave without taking a photo of Nami: The Tide Caller, calling upon a wave. Absolutely love how this turned out!

Cacti | The spring tends to be the time of year when I spend crazy amounts of money buying cacti! Why? Because I suck at taking care of plants, but somehow my cacti (even the ones I thought I killed--I ripped a cactus' roots, trying to replant it, once) tend to be the ones that live the longest. Those things are like immortal and if you have ever killed a cactus, you have a gift, my friend.

Ariel Funko Pop Figure | Again, I really couldn't leave the lake without taking a photo of Ariel in the sand by the water. What kind of Mermaid photo would it be without sand and water? It was actually high-tide that afternoon and I was so scared my Ariel Funko was going to get caught in tide and washed away. Don't worry--no casualties in the process of this photoshoot!

Teemo Plushie | Captain Teemo, reporting for duty! For anyone who plays League of Legends, you know that Teemo is known for hiding in bushes and going stealth to defeat his enemies with his poison darts. I loved that I got the opportunity to take this photo outside, in Teemo's natural habitat

Shelbee The Turtle | I got this Turtle keyc hain from my friend Kevin for my birthday a couple years ago and I absolutely love it. She is so adorable and was absolutely perfect for this month's 6on6!


Green E.L.F. Eye shadow | I thought this was kind of fun and creative to add in. I don't share this a lot on my blog, but I love make-up and beauty products. I'm not super addicted where I buy a bunch of expensive products "just because", but rather, I love finding good products that work great on me, for an affordable price. I just don't see a purpose to using expensive make-up products when you can easily find colors and quality similar to while paying half the price. E.L.F. is one of those affordable brands that I love and have never had an issue with.

These were my #6on6 photos for May! Can't wait to see what everyone took photos of this month!


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  1. Really great collection! And ... I've actually killed a cactus. My black thumb is BLACK. ;)

    1. Thanks Mandy! lol Daaaaamn girl you got a gift! ;D

  2. Wow, your photos are amazing! You can really tell that you've taken such care in them. I love the ones with the waves. Oh and Shelbee is super cute (even though I never heard of it before :$).

    Also, I suck at make-up. Never had anyone around me showing me how to do it. So teach me your crazy make-up skills, senpai! :P :P

    1. Thanks Rav <3 Haha Shelbee isn't an actual fandom character or anything. You know how beenie babies generally have names on their tags--well Shelbee was the name of the turtle on the tag.

      Haha okay you team me the art of screenshots and I'll teach you make-up ;) Then we'll be invincible!

  3. Your pictures are so cute. I keep trying to do this and keep failing. I'm just not a good photographer. I really need to take a class. Maybe I'll make it by next month.

    1. Thanks TK! Girl, I bet your photos are great! You don't need a class; all you need is some natural lighting and lots of time (and i mean this took me lots and lots of time before I got what I was aiming for). I hope you can join in next month! :)

  4. I love, love, love the shot of the cactus! It is really complicated and fun!! Great job this month!

  5. I LOVE your photos!! Ariel and Nami by the water...so perfect! And that Teemo plushie is adorable<3 Also, this is going to sound a little weird, but I had so much fun searching for your watermark in each picture, haha!

    1. Thanks Ashlee <3 Haha! I should make that into a game now: "Find the Watermark!" LOL!

    2. Haha, I did the same! Love how you got super creative with them! <3

    3. lol guys, I should make this like an "easter egg" thing on my blog and only you guys (and I guess whoever sees this comment) will know! Muahahaha!

  6. It was such a great idea to do it outdoors, they look fantastic! Can't even pick my favorite, your photos are all so beautiful <3

  7. Your photos are fantastic!