April Goal Re-cap & May Goals + Currently's

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all have been keeping up with your monthly goals. I pretty much failed most of my April goals, but I guess this is more encouragement to do better for May!

If you have not seen my April goals blog post my goals were....

April Goals

  • Save Wisely - FAILED: Still broke lol but hopefully with this new full time job, I'll save more
  • Get Healthier - SUCCESS: I have been working out everyday for the last two weeks and I'm still going and motivated! Have been choosing healthier alternatives for food, as well!
  • Spend More Time Appreciating My Relationship - SUCCESS: Adam and my relationship has been really strong recently. We have been putting aside time for each other, once a week and we have barely argued or had any conflicts. It has been so nice. 
  • Spend More Time Reflecting On My Day - FAILED: I haven't really put side time to do this. I will try to do so next month maybe. 
  • Climb out of Bronze - FAILED: I failed my promos twice and just got discouraged. I'm sitting at 86 lp right now and not sure when I'll try again. 
  • Finish Sword Art Online - FAILED: lol I don't think I even touched this show after I wrote this blog post. Major Fail!
  • Pre-write blog posts - SUCCESS: I have been writing all of my blog posts over the weekend and taking the photos ahead of time. It was been a lot more relieving to know the posts are finish ahead of time so I can enjoy my week. 
  • Advertising Game On-Point - IN PROGRESS: I fell off a little mid-April on my IG account but I've done pretty well with advertising my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook, I think. 
  • Get My Diploma in Blogging & Content Marketing - IN PROGRESS: The class finishes May 8th, so I'm almost there! 
I think I've failed a lot of them because I've been so consumed with finishing exams, but on the bright side, I passed all of my final exams! I hope next month's goals--or I guess this month's goals--end up more successful. 

May Goals

  • Climb out of Bronze 
  • Save enough money to buy a sticker cutter
  • Blog/Etsy Shop Re-branding 
  • Send out Happy Mail to Penpals
  • Post one video on my Gaming YouTube 
  • Finish 30-Day Ab Challenge
Hopefully I'll do better this month in fulfilling them.

May Currently's

I've also decided to add some currently's to my goals posts, for now on, just to see the changes throughout the months. I think it would be fun. These currently prompts are from The Happy Planner 

Reading: The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins
Planning: Next week's weekly kit
Watching: KarolinasKrafts' Vlog Channel - LifeWithLina
Cooking: Kraft Dinner for my lunch tomorrow
Eating: Cookies
Drinking: Kirkland Sport Blue Raspberry drink
Pinning: Fitspiration
Crafting: Planner Clips for my friends
Going: into a League of Legends game soon
Loving: Adam Jacob Ryan <3
Dreaming: of the day when I can afford a sticker cutter
Feeling: Productive after pre-writing 3 blog posts
Listening: to Adam make silly jokes while I try to finish this blog post
Celebrating: that I have been accepted to work Full Time at the university for the summer

These are my May goals and Currently's. I'd love to hear yours!


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