August 2016 Goals

Happy Tuesday, Cupcakes!

Boy, has it been a while since I've blogged! This summer has been super busy but I've been trying to post as much content as I can. Trying to keep a quality blog is so time consuming! Don't get me wrong, I love blogging. It just gets difficult when you try to post great content with little to no time to take the photographs, edit them, write a draft, etc. I'd rather share with you quality posts than half-a**ed content. Have any of you other bloggers had this issue with your blog lately?

Anyways, with August just starting, I thought I'd start my month on a positive note by slapping down some monthly goals! Hopefully these will help me out in trying to be more productive this month.

Health Goals:

  • Eat more homemade meals
  • Go to the gym three times a week
  • Yoga class once a week 

Geek Goals: 

  • Buy the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn & Joker Funko Pop set
  • Finish OITNB Season 4
  • Watch Stranger Things on Netflix
  • Play & Review Paragon beta by Epic Games
  • Catch up on LCS Summer Split before the Finals

Content Creating Goals:

Hopefully I can maintain or achieve some of these goals this month! As an added bonus, here are some of my currently's for the month, as well.

August Currently...

Reading: Harley Quinn lore on Wikipedia
Planning: My Staycation for the end of the month
Watching: OITNB Season 4
Cooking: n/a
Eating: Hershey's Drops
Drinking: Kirkland Sport Blue Raspberry drink
Pinning: Fitspiration
Crafting: Stickers for my planner
Going: To the Ajax Ribfest tonight
Loving: AJR <3

What are you currently up to this month?


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  1. Homework! Homework! Also making plans to hop to another island. And looking into homeschooling stuff for the little guy.

    1. Sounds like a busy month for you Dina :) You go, #Bosslady!

  2. Stranger Things is so good!!! You will love it.

    1. Haha I binged watched it in 1 day! You were right, it was SO good! I can't wait until the next season comes out!