September Favourites!

Happy Monday Cupcakes!

It has been a long while since I've uploaded a post. School has just started (Yay for my last year in University!!) and I've been super busy trying to prepare and adapt to the new schedule. I'm hoping since I'm finally getting into the groove of things, I will start posting once a week, again!

I know September isn't completely over yet, but I couldn't wait to share some of my Favourites for this month! I have a bunch of geeky faves along with some new beauty faves I got my hands on this month that I am absolutely in loooove with!

First of all, let me begin with asking How freaking beautiful is this Galaxy Style Nintendo 3DS XL?! Seriously, it is absolutely gorgeous! I actually went to large lengths to pick it up. It released on September 1st, 2016 and I went to EB Games on September 2nd to try to pick one up. Unfortunately, they did not have them in stock yet because their shipment has not arrived. I also went to Best Buy and Walmart to find it with no luck. I ended up settling for the Super Mario 3D Land themed 3DS. Three days later, I went to a different EB Games, looking for Funko Pops, to see this beautiful piece of work on the wall behind the counter. Me, being a compulsive buyer, bought it, with no regrets.

Along with the new 3DS XL, I also purchased Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon X. It's funny because after this whole Pokemon Go craze, I've really been into Pokemon again. I remember, as a kid, I used to beg my parents, every year, to buy me Pokemon games for my Gameboy or Pokemon cards to collect. I even had a giant Pikachu Plush that was bigger than I was. I guess it has created a lot of nostalgia, making me want to play some of the newer games. Every Friday, since I've bought myself a new 3DS, Adam and I have had Pokemon Dates, where we sit in his basement for 8 hours, in a fort we build out of two couches and a billion blankets, and just play Pokemon. I've also been spending a lot of hours on Netflix watching Pokemon Indigo League and Pokemon XY. It's great to re-live a childhood love of mine (and his) together. It has been great bonding.

For all of my fellow League of Legends lovers, did you know that there are League of Legends Funko Pops now? I picked up the Ashe Funko Pop at the beginning of the month and love it. It is super adorable. I'm hoping that later on they start releasing Funkos of my favourite Champions though (like Lulu, Caitlyn and MF). I'm hoping for great things in the future between this collaboration of Funko and Riot Games.

While on the topic of awesome Video Game Merch, I got this Street Fighter Sushi Set in a Nerd Block. My boss had a meeting with Nerd Block earlier this summer and they gave her an Arcade Box and a Horror Box for free to see what their products entail. Lucky me, she gave me both of the boxes as a gift because she didn't want any of the stuff. I think this sushi set is too awesome for me to ever want to use though, so it probably will just collect dust in the box until I decide to finally use it.

As for my current planning style, I've been Hourly Planning a lot lately. I have had super jam packed days without a general daily schedule, so I find this planning style has been helping me a lot! I also have been using a lot of stickers from AmeliePlanner via Etsy. Her stickers are sooo adorable and relateable to every day activities.

I've also been going hard with my makeup lately. One of my favourite products this month is the Ka-Brow Gel-Cream Eyebrow Colour by Benefits. This has worked magic for my sparse Asian brows. Plus how adorable is this packaging?

I also joined the Urban Decay Naked bandwagon by purchasing the Naked 2 Basics Palette. I surprisingly use this every day for a natural everyday look and have been loving it! It really compliments my black eyeliner with false lashes.

Speaking of eyeliner, I've been love love loving the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It is so thin, making it extremely easy to make a really sharp wing, it is very pigmented, and it lasts all day long. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I live for my winged liner. I have been rocking the wing since I was a freshman in high school and have tried so many eyeliners, but none have made me fall in love as much as this one!

On top of that all, I've also been loving the Tarteist Contour Palette by Tarte. The colours blend amazing with my skin and the highlight really does make you glow! I used to use the E.L.F. Contour Palette, but once I used this, I don't think I'll be going back. It even smells like Sweet Tarts with I am in love with because that was one of my favourite candies as a kid! How can you go wrong with that?


These are my September Favourites for the month. Any new makeup you can suggest? Maybe even a new game (p.s. I'd love to hear some awesome indie PC games or some awesome DS games that arent Mario, Animal Crossing or Pokemon). Let me know down below! 

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