My Digital Bullet Journal

I've been in such a planning slump. It has been such a long time since I've opened up my Happy Planner, printed/cut out stickers, and made a full spread. Since I'm always on the go, I started putting together a little Digital Bullet Journal inside of my OneNote.

What is OneNote you ask?

OneNote is a digital note taking app created by Microsoft. It is free to download on Windows, Android, Mac and Apple devices. Here, you can type and draw important thoughts, add screenshots from important websites or articles, add audio files, and organize everything into little tabs and folders. 

I know what you are thinking: Jen, why don't you just use a calendar app that is made for planning? And while you are right--that is the quickest and easiest way to organize yourself--I have never been into planner apps. They just never work for me. Why? I'm not sure. It has just never appealed to me.

So instead, today I will be sharing with you how I organize my Digital Bullet Journal inside of OneNote, as an alternative to planner apps. 

Tabs | I have organized my tabs by Month. I like to do this to keep everything happening within a month in one place. Each month has its own colour to differentiate itself from previous or prior months. I also have a little tab called "Misc" which I keep random things that do not necessarily belong to a particular month. 

Key | On my very first page in my "Misc" tab, I have my key. These are my ques that I use throughout the planner. The little icons can be customized in the "Tag" section of the Home Bar. These are the tags that best represent my life, but you could obviously change them around to suit your lifestyle better. 

Monthly Spread | This is what my monthly spread typically looks like for each month. The grey shaded areas represent the weekends, the orange shaded areas represent events that are on-going for several days. Here, I just put important events. As you can see, I don't have my school assignments here because this is more so a place for big events, vacations, birthdays or Holidays. 

Weekly Spread | This is typically what my weekly spread looks like. I have every day of the week designated to its own box. Within the boxes, I include the important dates from the Monthly spread, but add more detail to the week. Here, I add all of my classes for the week, my work schedule for the office, assignments that are due, etc. 

Daily Spread | Finally, in my daily spread, I organize it similar to the layout within my Happy Planner. I have a section at the top for Morning, Afternoon & Evening; and within those times of the day, I include a separate To Do List. I find this helps me get things done productively. If I know I only have the morning to do a certain task, I will try to do it as quick as I can throughout that time span instead of procrastinating all day and leaving it all to be done in the evening. I find this to be the most productive method for myself. 


What are your thoughts? Would you potentially try this? Do you have a different method of digital planning you think I should give a try? I'd love to hear down below! 

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  1. This is so cool! I had heard of bullet journals before, but never digital versions like this! I think I'd definitely like to try it out<3

    1. Haha let me know how you like it! It's definitely different, but I find it gets the job done, since I always have my phone and laptop on me!

  2. I loved it! Thank you so much! I have just done mine following you directions :)

    1. Thank you for giving my post a read! I hope you enjoy trying out my digital bullet journal set-up. I'd love to hear from you after a couple of weeks and hear how you've liked it! - Happy Planning! :)

  3. This is such a fantastic idea! I know I'm late to the party haha. I've had a physical bullet journal for a few months, but sometimes I leave it behind, or it's just easier to organize a spread digitally. I never thought about using OneNote for that purpose, but after reading your post and a few others, I'm starting to realize it's a no-brainer. And thanks for the heads-up that OneNote is free to download for Android as well! :)