September Plays

This semester, I enrolled in a Game Studies class at my University as a fun elective for my final year. While it is quite theory based, I have been absolutely loving it because it has inspired me to try games outside of my general genre (lol MOBAs are my life) and find some new games that I have ended up absolutely in love with! I've also been stepping outside of my normal roles within games I usually play and has caused me to try to experiment with different roles and characters.

Because of such, I thought I'd share a monthly list of games I've been playing so that it may inspire you to check out some new games or open up conversation of some games you absolutely love that I should check out! 

via League of Legends
League of Legends ARURF | We all already know I'm obsessed with this game. But, this month, I have especially been loving the ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) Game Mode that was available from September 23 - 26. If you are unfamiliar, it is a mode where you are given a random Champion and get to play in a mode exactly as it seems--ultra rapid fire. You have very very short cooldowns, no mana consumption, and overly exaggerated damage. It was hilarious to play with my friends and I am looking forward to it possibly coming back in the future!

Pokemon X & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire | If you read my September Favourites post, you would know that I have been in love with my new 3DS and playing Pokemon Games. It has been really nice walking down memory lane and playing one of my favourite childhood game franchises, while seeing how much it has changed since I was younger.

Silver Creek Falls | If you have not heard of this game, It is a mystery, horror, indie, detective game on Steam (hint, hint: the first chapter is FREE!). I started playing this game for my Gaming Journals in my Game Studies class, but have been so in love with it since. It has a very simple concept of how to play with an in-depth story line to follow. If you have not checked this game out, yet, I'd highly suggest it!

Overwatch | I have finally joined the bandwagon. My friend actually bought me this game as a late (like 7 months late) birthday gift. Since then, I've been playing this game every night with my group of friends. So far, my favourite Heroes are and Mercy. I even got Play Of The Game twice with already! It has been really fun to start off this game with a different role-set. In multiplayer games, I usually play AD Carries or Offensive roles. For once, it has been nice to try out a high damage tank and a healer. For those of you who play, who are some of your favourite Heroes?


What have you been playing lately?

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