You Me Us - Creative Bonding Book Review

One of the things I love most about my relationship with Adam is his openness to try new things and get creative with one another. A while back, we stumbled upon this book--You Me Us by Lisa Currie--at Chapters Indigo. It was during a time in a relationship where we were very busy and having very little time to spend with each other. Because of that, it was really weighing on the health of our relationship. We thought it may be a fun little project to start, when we do see each other, to add a little sparkle to our date nights. To our surprise, we absolutely fell in love with this book!

For those who are unaware of what this book is about or have never heard of it before, Lisa Currie describes it as a "creative space for you to share with your friends or a loved one. Just flip to a random page and use the prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain."

Obviously you could fill this book out with anyone: your mom, your dad, your favourite sibling, your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your husband/wife, your grandma, or anyone else you love. It is not specific to any coupling. But Adam and I chose to do it together to strengthen our relationship and have something to look forward to when we do see each other. We are still currently trying to complete the book, but so far, we have been having a blast!

Right from the very first page, you are already engaging yourself with one another and the book. There are no rules to this. Be as creative or non-creative as you'd like. Use pens, markers, paint, crayons, stickers, or whatever you'd like to fill out the pages. Here, Adam and I thought it would be super fun to give each other the task of drawing each other. It was super funny to see what the other drew up and the details of ourselves they thought was important to add to a drawing of ourselves. We are no Picasso, but this is such a fun hands on experience to share with one another.

It is a great book to engrave memories, relive past memories, and just a great place to spark gratitude of your relationship with the other.  I find, especially since we've been together for almost four years, we sometimes take each other for granted. We forget how special the little things used to be. But this book helped remind us of the good times and why we are still here fighting to make it work.

It is also a great way to evaluate your relationship with the other and think about all the good that you share with one another. We found it so interesting to kind of pick at each other's brains regarding our thoughts on our relationship. We got to ask/answer questions we don't normally chat about and learn a little bit more about each other.

I also enjoyed how this book made us problem solve, compromise, and set aside time to do this all together. You are given one page to do it "right". You have to decide how you are going to answer the promts, what materials you are going to use, how you are going to utilize space-- all while doing it together. This is a book to do together, so you have to work together to finish it and make the experience worth while. I loved it because it was time spent together where we both got to enjoy being creative, laughing and sharing memories.

I'd highly recommend you check out this book, if you have not already. It is an awesome book to give as a house warming gift to a new married couple; a fun project for you and your best friend to complete; or as a memory capsule for you and one of your other loved ones!

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