How To Create Resolutions You'll Actually Fulfill in 2017

With 2017 creeping around the corner, Adam and I have been talking a lot about things we'd like to change about ourselves in this upcoming year. We certainly don't believe in the whole "New Year, New Me" ideology; but we are both strong believers of goal making and taking action to fulfill those goals.

Because of that, I thought I'd share with you some tips on how to create resolutions you'll actually keep in 2017

1) Assess your 2016 self . What accomplishments did you achieve this year? What could have gone better? What do you wish you started last year that you didn't? What are you really glad you did do? Thinking about these questions will help you realize things that are really important to you.

2) Think realistically. You've got to think within your boundaries of what is possible and what is not possible. If you'd like to shed a couple of pounds this year, maybe consider basing your success in how you feel physically instead of setting your goal as scale number or a clothing size. This will help prevent discouragement if you don't reach that exact number; and it will help you feel proud of yourself by allowing you to see and feel your progress.

3) Don't just think of what you want to change, but how you'd like to change it. So you want to save money? How do you plan on doing that? Will you get an extra job? Will you cut out that morning coffee every morning before work out of your routine? Will you deposit $20 into a saving account every pay check? Thinking about how you'd like to reach the goal will create a rough plan--which is a great start!

4) Accept that change is a lifestyle commitment. Whether you'd like to shed some weight, get fit, eat healthier, do better in school, get that promotion at work, save money; or whatever your goals are this year--it takes self understanding that this is a lifestyle change for this resolution to actually be fulfilled. You can't go into this year thinking "Its okay to cheat--its just one day". Because one day turns into two, then three, then 300. You've got to stay on top of yourself with self control towards this new lifestyle change for yourself to fully reach your goal.

5) Reward yourself! Did you just go a month without ordering take out? Good for you! How about you celebrate by not ordering take-out and instead using that money you would have spent on take-out to make yourself a more fancy meal at home? Or how about instead of rewarding yourself for going to the gym for a month with cake, you buy yourself some new work-out gear? See the trend I'm proposing? Rewarding yourself is great--but try to do so in a manner that won't hinder your progress.

If you'd like a more tangible resolution planner, make sure to check out my free printable down below!

I hope you give these tips a try! I'm wishing you all a successful, prosperous New Year! I hope all of your goals and resolutions are kept and fulfilled and 2017 is the best year yet for you!


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