My Planning Faves of 2016

One of my newest--and biggest--hobbies of 2016 is planning. What started out as a way to help me get my sh*t together, later turned out to be a creative outlet, a small business, and a way to connect with an amazing community. In the last year, I have experimented with many different planners, products, and supplies that have helped me in my planning journey.

Today, I will be sharing my 2016 Planning Favorites!

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Dreams Are For Chasing Inspirational Quote

The Happy Planner | My planner of choice for 2016, hands down, is The Happy Planner! I experimented with many different planners--horizontal, vertical, hourly, bullet journalling--but always found myself back to The Happy Planner. It is a more affordable and accessible vertical planner for myself and has lots of space in the boxes to allow for more stuff to be packed into each day. While all of the planner styles for The Happy Planner were absolutely adorable, I made myself a custom planner using the cover of the Peonies Planner, the insides of the Picture Quote Planner and Gold Expander Rings. This turned out to be the best combination to reflect my planning methods and style.

Pentel R.S.V.P BK90 - Fine (Black) | One of my favorite pens used this year has to be this one! It writes so smoothly in my planner, it is fine tipped, and makes writing small super easy. One of the best pens, I'd say, if you're looking for a super fine-tip.

Zebra Sarasa 0.5 (Black) | My second favorite pen to use in my planners is this one! It is quite the contrast to the previous pen because of its thickness. I enjoy having contrast in my planner of both thin and thick pens. This one is a gel ink pen, but it doesn't smudge and has a very opaque black color.

Indigo Spiral Notebooks | These have been my absolute favorite notebooks to use for planning new listings for my shop, brainstorming blog posts, and pulling my life together. They are all split into 3 sections, so each notebook has a lot of potential for organization and content. Plus, they are all super cute! Each season, Indigo comes out with a new line, so I'm not sure if these are still available online. But it is worth a browse of their website to see if you find any other cute ones!

Life Planner Plan With Me Christmas

Stickers | While scrapbook paper, washi and stamps are beautiful in planners, I have enjoyed using stickers the most. Lately, I have been just designing my own kits on DaintyRoseDesigns (mostly because it is the most affordable) but if you're interested in my favorite sticker shops, you can check out this blog post.

Planner Sticker Printer

Canon Pixma MG 3020 Printer | I bought this printer on Black Friday and I absolutely love using it to print my stickers! First of all, when I purchased it, It came with ink! It prints very vibrant colors on my sticker paper and it is wireless so I can keep it anywhere in my bedroom/office. It was totally worth the investment and a great upgrade from my previous printer!


These were my 2016 planning favorites! I'd love to hear down below what were some of your faves of 2016 in the planning world? Let me know down in the comment section so we can share resources!

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  1. Wow, your planners look so beautiful! I can understand why you enjoy working on them so much. I'm keeping myself away from things like that, because I tend to get carried away by writing in them rather than actually doing the stuff I'm writing in it. I know, I'm terrible like that!

    The Zebra pencil looks nice. I don't know if I'll bump into one since I'm on another continent, but if I do, I'll definitely give it a try.

    1. Thank you Rav! Writing in your planner rather thank doing the stuff in it is always a start! I know some people buy a planner and use it for memory keeping--somewhat like a diary. That may be something that may interest you if you aren't really into actually planning.

      If you ever do end up bumping into them, let me know how you like it!

  2. I'll definitely have to check that printer out! I've been meaning to invest in a good printer for stickers for a while now, especially since that would mean I'd get to buy some of your designs! Sadly, I haven't kept up with my planner, so it's just sitting around gathering dust right now:/ You've inspired me to break it out again, so many gorgeous planner photos!

    1. Its okay girl. We've all had our planner slumps. I went through a really bad one this Fall Season, where I didn't plan at all for like two months. It was the worst feeling :( but I'm slowly getting myself back into it! I hope you end up finding a printer you like! The stickers are always the best part of planning!!