2017 Desk Tour!

One of the places I spend the most amount of time in is my desk. Because I am a student and a content creator, I spend a lot of time sitting and working at my desk--whether it is for doing homework, writing blog posts, editing photos and videos, designing stickers, or just simply playing video games in my spare time. Because of this, I wanted my desk space to be as comfortable, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. After a couple of weeks of putting it all together, I am quite happy with how it turned out so far.

As such, I will be sharing with you my 2017 Desk Tour today. I will link where my furniture and accessories are all from at the end, just in case you wanted to pick one up for yourself!

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out. My chair is so comfortable that I don't mind spending hours upon hours sitting at my desk. During my lounging times, I can sit back, put my feet up on my ottoman and enjoy watching a movie or youtube video with full comfort.

Because I have a pull-out side panel on my desk, I can use that area to write or type on my laptop, if needed. When I don't need to put that area to use, I can simply just push it in to save room.

I love all of the LED lights and Chroma peripherals because it add some personality to my desk. In the day time, when my PC is off, it is just black and white--which gives a beautiful, simple, minimalist look. When I do turn on my PC in the evenings, it shines bright and beautiful. I especially love this when I'm gaming because it really puts me in a positive vibe before entering a match.

My custom built PC has everything I need to do everything I want. It is powerful enough to run multiple programs at a time--which is especially helpful when designing stickers, editing videos, and recording game plays--but still has so much room left to grow.

Seriously though, who said your area can't be fancy and productive at the same time?

Desk - IKEA (MALM)
Hello Kitty Snuggy - Walmart (Sanrio)
Blue Ottoman - Target
PC Case - Canada Computers (Bit Fenix)
Monitors - Walmart (Acer) & Canada Computers (Asus)
Mousepad - Canada Computers (Razer Firefly Chroma)
Mouse - Canada Computers (Razer Deathadder Chroma)
Headset - Canada Computers (Razer Kracken 7.1 Surround Sound Chroma)
Keyboard - Canada Computers (Razer BlackWidow Chroma)
Microphone - Canada Computers (Blue Snowball - White)
Internal PC LED Lights - Canada Computers (DeepCool)
External LED Desk Lights - Canada Computers (RGB Milti-Color Flexible LED Strip)
Computer - Custom Build

What are your deal-breakers for the perfect desk space for you?


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