2017 Planner Addict Tag + Planner Essentials FREEBIE!

Another Year, Another Opportunity To Do The #PlannerAddictChallenge

I did this challenge last year and had so much fun this week reading over my answers from last year. Its so interesting to see how much my planning style has changed and stayed the same! I sent out a poll to those who subscribed to My Friends List, and everyone who did vote wanted to see an updated Planner Addict Challenge for 2017. So here I am with an updated version created by Elle Fowler and Belinda Selene

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Anyways, lets get to it!

1.) How many planner do you have/own? For 2017, I have 5 planners. Still pretty excessive, but I went on a crazy planner shopping craze when the first set of 2016/2017 Happy Planners were released (but who didn't lol?!). I also stayed true to my love of Ban.do and tried something new this year by purchasing a Recollections personal sized 3-ring planner. 

2.) How many planner do you actually use at one time? I only use two: One of my Happy Planners and the Ban.do Agenda. I use the Picture Quote Happy Planner with the Peonies cover for my day-to-day life and the Ban.do Agenda as a memory keeping journal.

3.) When did you first start using a paper planner? As I said last time, I have been using planners since I was in grade school--You know, the cute silly school spirited ones the school gave out on the first week of school every year?

4.) When did you start decorating your planner? I started planner decorating Fall 2015. 

5.) If you could use only ONE embellishment to decorate your planner, what would you use? I'd still have to say stickers. There is just such a larger range of things you can do with stickers. I draw and design all of my own stickers, so the opportunities of what I could create are endless! 

6.) What is your favorite pen to write with? As I've said many times on my blog, the Pental R.S.V.P. BK90 is my all time pen to use in my planners. It is so fine-tipped and the ink just glides so smoothly. I almost have no motivation to plan at all when I can't find this pen. 

7.) Favorite place to shop for planner goodies (Can also be your favorite Etsy seller). Michael's Craft Store, I guess you could say. I don't really shop for planner goodies on Etsy anymore because I do a lot of my own designing or I find free printables online; but if you were curious, I do have a list of Etsy Shops Everyone Must Visit. 

8.) What is the most you have spent at a store for planner supplies? I'd have to say I'm still not that bad. I see some people buy hundreds of dollars of planner supplies (which is Lucky For Them! You Go Girl!) but, I, personally don't need much to plan a great spread. I probably still have not spent over $100 on a single planner shopping trip (which I'm very proud of!). 

9.) What is your planning routine? I design a kit throughout the week in my free time; but I usually sit down to plan inside my planner on Saturday evenings or Sunday during the day.

10.) If you had to pick only ONE planner, which one would you use and why? I'd obviously pick my Happy Planner. For my planning style, the Happy Planner is perfect for me. I can use stickers either designed specifically for The Happy Planner or use Erin Condren sized stickers. I like how there is a lot of room to write in for my busy days and there are endless options of how I can decorate while still having so much space to be productive. 

11.) *BONUS QUESTION* Show us your washi tape stash. Is it out of control? This may upset a lot of you but I actually am not washi crazy. For myself, buying washi isn't a priority because I could easily just create patterned strips for my planner at any time. So, I don't own any washi to share (I know booo.) 

To celebrate this updated 2017 Planner Addict Tag, Here's a free Planner Freebie of Essential Stickers I think everyone could benefit from in their planner. 

What's In The Kit?
Six pages including:
  • Daily Headers 
  • Half Boxes
  • Plain Full Boxes
  • Checklist Flags 
  • Shaded Full Boxes 
  • Assorted Flags 
This kit is downloadable for both Erin Condren Life Planners and The Classic Happy Planner

Hope you enjoy it! If you do, tag me on social media so I can see your spreads at @Jennibearrxo. 

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  1. Thank you so much for these great freebies. I just started using a planner this year and am trying not to sink a fortune into this hobby. I only use one planner but I can see why you use a couple. I've purchased a few items at craft stores and printables on Etsy but my main source of planner goodies is all the freebies generous people like you share with us! Love your blog. Thanks again.

    1. It is my pleasure! I hope you enjoy the planner life! If you have any future suggestions for future freebies, feel free to send me a message on social media and I'll add it to my list! :D Thanks for reading my blog! :)