January 2017 Goals

One of my biggest resolutions for 2017 is to be more reflective. I used to write and journal a lot in my teenage years, but as I have gotten older and have had way more responsibilities on my shoulders, I have lost inspiration to write. That being said, I thought that by sharing my monthly goals, this may give me the opportunity to reflect upon my progress and keep me accountable for lifestyle changes while inspiring you to continue moving towards goals of your own. I know many of these goals may range over many months; but I feel like by sharing them with you, I can keep myself accountable while having opportunity to reflect on how well (or not so well) I have done that month.

That being said, let's start the year off strong with my January 2017 Goals.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle. While this one would be an overall goal for the year, I'd like to begin the year strong by drinking more water, going to the gym three times a week, and eating take-out less. Since I started University, I have been living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat take-out daily, drown my sorrows in coffee and carbonated drinks, and always skip out on the gym when I was feeling lazy. Not this year! Adam and I have put together a work-out plan, meal prep dates, and I've got a beautiful travel cup ready to conquer this goal!
  • Grow my blog. I'd really like to blog more this year. Last year, I took many long breaks and didn't have much of a posting schedule. This month, I'd like to focus on providing better content for my lovely readers, posting more consistently, and reaching out more! I love chatting, so if you ever like (or don't like) something you see, I'd love to chat about it in the comments! I want to grow a bigger relationship with my readers, overall, this year! 
  • Save more, spend less. I'd like to spend more time saving money and not spending it compulsively. By eating less take-out, shopping less, and putting more money into my piggy bank, I think I could save a fair amount. 
  • Focus more on school. I'd like to make a routine for myself where I'm energized to go to class, excited to do my homework, and motivated to do assignments. Possibly even start more readings and assignments at earlier dates. I always start the semester strong then fall off after mid-terms. This month, I'd like to focus on creating that routine so that I won't fall off.
I think for now, I'll leave it at four goals. Each obviously have their little minor goals, but these are the over-arching goals. Next month, I shall look back at these and see how far I've come (or gone backwards). What are some of your January goals? 

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  1. My goal this year is to make it less expensive than the last 2! I have had to do a lot of major car stuff and I think it is time to not have to do that any more! That is more a wish than a goal. But my major goal is to declutter some. I teeter on the edge of hoarding with arts and craft stuff, so each week I will take a few hours and par down my collection of clutter.

    1. Those are great goals! I can totally relate with hoarding craft supplies! They are all so cute but just gather space! I hope you have a great January and keep to your goals!