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Because I was packing for my trip tomorrow, I thought it would be so much fun to share with you what's in my overnight bag. Whenever I go on trips, I always watch a bunch of YouTube videos and read a bunch of blog posts from Pinterest to make sure I didn't forget anything. I love watching/reading this kind of stuff online and thought you guys may enjoy it (plus, a few people from my E-mail Subscription List voted to have a post like this! Here you go my lovely friends <3). 

So today, I will be sharing with you What is in my Overnight Bag


In this blog post, I break this post into smaller sections: 
- What is in my Travel Bag? 
- Overnight Bag Packing List

At the end of this post, I share with you a FREE printable of essentials to pack for your overnight trips. This printable is available in Letter Size (8.5 x 11) and The Happy Planner Classic (7.5 x 9). 

What's In My Overnight Bag?

This is all I typically pack for an overnight trip. It actually seems like quite the amount of stuff, but everything I pack fits nicely inside of my old TNA duffle bag. Because it is just an overnight bag, I spent a lot less space packing clothing, and a lot more space on beauty, hygiene, and tourist-y stuff (especially since I am visiting a very tourist-y spot). I also bring along my smaller purse so that I can hold on to my wallet and other small things, while being able to keep my big duffle in the hotel or in the car.  

Duffle Tote - TNA 
Purse - Betsy Johnson 

Pajama Top - Red Peasant Shirt - Blue Notes
Pajama Bottom - Floral Shorts - Blue Notes
Tomorrow's Top - Gray Lace Top (Not sure where I bought it lol)
Tomorrow's Bottoms - Dark Gray Leggings - Urban Planet
Bra - Victoria Secret's PINK
Panties - Victoria Secret's PINK
Socks - Old Navy 

Shampoo - TRESemme 
Conditioner - TRESemme
Shower Gel - Aveeno (in a mini travel container)
Lip Butter - NIVEA 
Lotion - Aveeno 
Toothpaste - Crest 3D White Brilliance 
Tooth Brush - G U M 
Make-up Wipes - Shoppers Drug Mart Re-fillables 
Deodorant - Dove 
Contacts - Actuvue Oasys 
Contact Solution - Bio True
Glasses - Armani Exchange 

Phone Charger - Samsung
Laptop Charger - ASUS 
Instant Camera - Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Round Brushes Set - MyMakeupBrushSet.Com 
Brow Spoolie - E.L.F.
Concealer Brush - E.L.F. 
Primer - Benefit Cosmetics 
Foundation - Maybelline 
Concealer - E.L.F.
Powder - E.L.F.
Highlighter/Blush Palette - Elizabeth Arden 
Eye Shadow - Elizabeth Arden 
Eyebrow Cream Gel - Benefit Cosmetics 
Eye Liner - Kat Von D 
Mascara - Elizabeth Arden 
Liquid Highlight - Elizabeth Arden 

Bikini Top - Victoria Secret 
Bikini Bottoms - Garage Swim 
Sun Glasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Selfie Stick - Chapters Indigo

So that's what is in my overnight bag for my trip this weekend! What are some of your essentials for an overnight trip? Kind of hard to think about right on the spot, huh? Don't you fret! I have put together an adorable Overnight Trip Packing List to help you the next time you go away overnight! Because I am away this weekend, I thought you all may enjoy getting this week's freebie a little early! I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this free printable as much as I enjoyed designing it! It is perfect to print out and hole-punch into a binder or planner; or great to print on sticker paper and stick onto one of your empty note pages in your planner! 

DOWNLOAD: Letter | HP Classic 

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  1. I love the packing list! Super cute and very helpful. We are planning a trip to another island soon so this list might come in handy although it'll be a few days.

    1. I am so glad you like it Dina! I hope this packing list helps you out when getting ready for your island trip! :D