New Year 2017 To-Do List!

Since this is the first week of the New Year, I thought I'd share with you my New Year To-Do List to help you start your year fresh and on the right foot! These are things you could do within this first week before you head back to work/school or throughout the first month while you settle into the new year.

  • Change your desktop and mobile wallpapers to something motivational. This always helps me refresh and feel more productive. The motivational saying will help push you through to be productive and it is always nice for a change in scenery--especially if you work at a computer or on your phone/tablet a lot. 
  • Set up your 2017 Planner. Add birthdays, anniversaries, important events or parties you already know of in advance, upcoming trips, and special holidays. This will surely help you feel a little more organized this year. 
  • Make a 2017 Bucket List. I'm not just talking goals here. Also write down adventures you'd like to go on, potential future date night ideas, day trip ideas with the kids, restaurants you always tell yourself you want to try but haven't yet. What would you like to see and do this year? 
  • Purge all the stuff you've been hoarding or don't use. Remember that shirt you bought last spring that you never put on? Or that gift from your second cousin you just hide away in your basement and never touch? Yeah, it's time for it to go. If you don't get rid of it (whether you throw it away or donate it), it is just going to clutter, take up space and never leave. 
  • Write a letter to 2016 You of all the things leaving you with a heavy heart. Then destroy it. This is a kind of self-healing I like to do to help me feel hopeful for the next chapter. By destroying all of the bad vibes you wrote down, you have relieved some inner emotional tension to help you feel more positive thereafter. 
  • Start a habit tracker of all of the things you'd like to change in 2017. Writing them down is the first step in fulfilling them. This may also help you feel more motivated to get them done because they are written down. 
  • Deep clean and organize your bedroom. This is something I love doing every year. While it helps me find things I thought I lost throughout the year, it also helps me feel productive for finishing something in the first week and I get to enjoy a clean space. 
  • Send a thoughtful message to all those who positively impacted your 2016. It is such a great way to thank everyone who has helped you this past year through the good and the bad and helps strengthen your relationship to continue for the next year. 
This is my New Year To Do List. What are some of the things you like to do in the New Year to help you start the year on the right foot? 

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