4 Cheap Date Ideas Your Geeky Partner Will Love!

Happy Wednesday, Cupcakes! With the month of love coming to an end, why let the fun and love end too?! With the hustle and bustle of every day life, sometimes we lose track of time and forget to appreciate those we love. Here is a list I have compiled of 4 cheap date ideas that your geeky lover will absolutely adore!

All of these date ideas are super affordable ($20 or less), easy to to put together in a small amount of time, and scream the best kind of "I Love You"--which is just simly spending time with your Love.

1 v 1 me IRL - Video Game Night

Price: FREE
Are you and your Love super competitive? Do you love challenging one another to battles of the death? Why not set up a fun video game night? Or you could play a fun co-op game you both have been meaning to try. You could play as a team with one another to beat your enemies! To add a little romance to the mix, why not set up a comfy area on the floor of your living room with blankets and pillows for ultimate cuddle space? Or even better, a gaming fort for the night! This is a great idea especially if your partner loves playing video games but hasn't had much time lately due to work/school. It is a fun way to relax with one another, enjoy something you both love, all while getting nice and cozy.

$20 Geek Gift Challenge

Price: $20 (each)
Featuring @kathrynmfarbotnik and @jdmbrownie
If your love is a collector, why not consider doing a $20 Geek Gift Challenge Exchange? You both could plan a visit to one of your favorite stores for collectibles or comics, browse the selection together, and see who can find the other the best geeky Gift for under $20. This is a perfect opportunity to bond over sharing interests, finding new merch, and spending time with one another.

Board Game Night

Price: Free (assuming you have a board games at home lol)

If you and your partner are more into table top games, you could always opt into a Board Game night. On date night, surprise each other with your favourite board game or table-top game. While doing so, you will be teaching each other a new game, spending quality time together, and competing to be the best! (p.s. You may want to reconsider playing Monopoly if you still want to have future dates--Monopoly kills friendships/relationships!!!) 

Movie Marathon / Show Binge 

Price: Free - $20 (Depending if you already own the movies/shows you want to watch or pay for Netflix) 

One of my favorite date ideas is having a movie marathon or show binge! This literally calls for the biggest cuddle sessions while getting to be completely lazy and eat junk (or not, if that's not what you're into). I LOVE snuggling up in a huge blanket, binge watching shows, and stuffing my face with Ice cream and chips with Adam! Ultimate unwind and relaxation session right here with the person you love!

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These are my cheap geeky date ideas I'm sure your partner will love! Let me know which ones' are your favorite to do with your love? Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share? Share them down in the comments for others to see! 

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