March 2017 Favorites!

March has been such a fun month full of experimenting with new things! I have bought and tested many new brands, watched some phenomenal movies and shows, and played some really fun new games!

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I've bought and tested a lot of new beauty products this month! I have especially been loving stuff for everyday use.

NYX Wicked Lashes | These lashes have been my holy grail this month! They are so full, voluminous, but still very natural looking. I also like how the band is very thin and translucent, so the lashes blend so naturally with your real eyelashes. They are super easy to apply and really add to my daily makeup looks! As you can see in the photo, they have really lived this month (as they are starting to wear down), but I will for sure be purchasing lashes from NYX again, maybe in a different style to try!

Benefit Sun Beam Liquid Highlighter | With the weather warming up here in Ontario, I have been loving using this gold shimmery highlighter. It adds some warmth to my face with a lot of glow! It is super easy to apply to the face and lasts almost all day!

NYX Wonder Stick | In 2017, I have really been into contouring and highlighting. I bought the Wonder Stick because my Sephora Highlight Lowlight stick ran out, and was very surprised by how much more I loved the Wonder Stick! I use the highlight shade as a natural coverage concealer because it has no shimmer but still helps lighten areas of my face. I love that the contour side has a warmer tone because it blends well with my skin tone and is great for when the weather gets warmer! The formula is very creamy and long lasting when set with a translucent powder.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer | I original got this primer from the Smashbox Try-It-Kit and have been obsessed. In photos, my face looks pore-less.Its fantastic. It also keeps my makeup lasting all day, even on my long days of school and work. If you have oily skin, you may not like it because it leaves a silky silicon feeling on your face when applied, but since I have medium-dry skin, I have been LOVING it!

Essential Oils Facial Cleansing Wipes Kale + Coconut | I bought these face wipes out of curiosity. When I saw them I literally was like "KALE ON MY FACE?! LOL!!" But to my surprise, they are actually amazing. The wipes aren't overly soaked with product but remove all of my makeup without harsh pressure or scrubbing (even the stubborn waterproof makeup). It also smells really tropical and comes in a freaking set of 60 for only $4. The deals!!!!!!

 This month has been full of new shows, movies, and games! This month's geek favorites seem to revolve around adaptations of originals.

Life In Pieces (Netflix) | I have been obsessed with Life In Pieces! I binge watched two seasons straight in one weekend. It is a show about one big family with four stories per episodes from each individual sub-family. The stories, experiences and lessons learned are so relatable and hilarious to connect to. It is as if you are watching your own family's corky lifestyle unfold before your eyes.

Golf With Your Friends (Steam) | My friends and I have been loving Golf With Friends so much! It takes such a classic virtual golf game and brings it to a whole other level. We have so much fun trolling around with different shaped "balls" and trying to make awesome trick shots while hitting each other around the course and making our ball jump over obstacles. Its a hilarious game to play with a group of friends to kill some time together.

Beauty And The Beast | This was such a beautiful adaptation of the classic Disney fairytale. My heart was swooning the whole movie. I fell in love with the on set chemistry and it really brought be back, watching this. I laughed, I cried, I felt scared. I was an emotional roller coaster through this whole movie! It was absolutely amazing and would definitely watch it again!

One Day At A Time (Netflix) | This show is a modern adaptation of the original One Day At A Time from the 1970s. The show follows single Mom and army Veteran as she tries to raise two teenagers while trying to take care of herself too. What I loved most about this show was that it focused on real issues: Feminism, work harassment, gender-inequality in the workplace, coming out as being LGBTQ, alcoholism, immigration, divorce, peer pressure at school, etc. All these topics while the family tries to be as "normal" as normal can be. It is an amazing show and I fell in love with it right from the beginning!

Power Rangers | This was an AMAZING re-make of the original Power Rangers series. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this movie, so I kind of went into the movie with no expectations and not even watching the trailer. To my surprise, I fell in love with this movie! It truly is a coming of age movie. It really brought me back to when I was a little girl, jumping on furniture and throwing kicks and punches as I pretended to be the Pink Ranger alongside my cousins. I got really hyped every time I saw something I remembered from my childhood. It was very well done and I am super excited for the next movie!

I've been making a couple lifestyle changes this month and have really gotten in the groove with it all.

DW Home Birthday Cake Scented Candle | March is my birthday month so it is a given that I'd purchase a Birthday Cake Scented Candle! I have been burning this candle like crazy this month as I've been trying to keep the birthday spirit alive. It is very strongly scented and reminds me of the Birthday Cake Timbits from Tim Hortons.

Monday Morning Coffee/Work Dates | Adam and I have gotten in the habit of going to a coffee shop every Monday morning to get some work done. Its just the smell of freshly brewed coffee, indie music in the background, and beautiful aesthetic that really gets me inspired to get stuff done! Plus, it is always great spending some time with Adam.

eStories | I have been getting back into reading and started trying out eStories to listen to audiobook versions of books lately. I've been so busy with work, school and my blog that I don't have time to just sit and read anymore. But I've really been loving playing audiobooks in the background while I get ready in the morning, on my commutes to school/work, and in the evenings when I settle into bed. Currently, I am re-reading (or I guess listening to) To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han! I am super excited for the release of Always & Forever, Lara Jean in May, that I had to re-read the first two books! Don't forget that you can receive a FREE Audiobook when you sign up for eStories by clicking here.

Canada Parks Free Discovery Pass | I've spent a lot of March planning adventures for the summer. I received my free Canada Parks Discovery Pass and am so excited to take trips with Adam to different Canadian Parks to go hiking, exploring, and maybe even camping!


These are my March 2017 Favorites for Beauty, Geek Culture and Lifestyle. What have been some of your favorites for this month? Let me know down below in the comments!

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  1. The Expanse has been pretty amazing. I've been redecorating my house with pictures and I'm so thrilled with my new look of black and white photos with pops of color in some of them. It is going to take a while to get all the work I want printed up but I'm glad I finally decided to put all my own work on my walls instead of someone else's it's important I think as an artist to feel a little egotistical in your home you know?

    1. Sounds like you've had a lot of great March faves, Dina! I couldn't agree more with you, regarding an artist's right to feel a little egotistical in their own home! I am the exact same way! lol