Spring Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

As I say goodbye to the cold harsh weather of winter, I welcome my new skincare routine for the spring time. Warmer weather finally means I can begin to use a lighter skincare routine while continuing to keep my skin looking flawless. It just so happens, my spring skincare routine all comes from Lush Cosmetics. 

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Lush; nor does it contain any affiliate links. All products were purchased on my own using my own money and all opinions are that of my own

I have always been a fan of Lush and their products. They use fresh ingredients (with actual expiry dates on products), don't test on animals, and create and participate in many charitable campaigns. On top of all the good they do for our planet, their products have also done a lot for my skin. I have always had very sensitive skin. I have eczema. I have allergic reactions to scented/perfumed products. Facial products with high acidity make my skin break out almost instantly. In the drier months of the year, my skin can get pretty flaky. In the warmer months of the year, my skin is super oily. My skin is a disaster in itself. But Lush products have really helped in repairing my skin and maintaining a clear complexion. 

This is my spring skincare routine I will be sharing with you today. I have been using this skincare routine during the spring/summer months for almost two years now and it has yet to fail me! 

I always begin my skincare routine with cleansing my face. For this, I use the Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap. This is the perfect facial cleanser for sensitive skin at Lush and is super inexpensive. You typically get to pick the size, and I tend to try to buy a slice of the bar ranging from $9 - 12. It has chamomile extract which helps calm your skin and reduce inflammation; the rose and lavender sooth dryness; and the tea tree helps clear your skin of any blemishes. It has such a light lather that you massage into your face. After washing it off, my face always feels super soft already and prepped for the next steps.

After cleansing, I like to tone my face using the Tea Tree Water Toner. I love this toner mostly because, unlike many drug store toners, it is alcohol-free which never leaves my face feeling super dry like other toners! The tea tree helps repair your troubled skin and overall helps tighten your skin, preventing access dirt to enter your open pores while balancing oils on your face. This toner is also light weight and sprays straight onto your face in a mist without needing to apply it with a cotton swab! This is perfect for spring/summer season because it always leaves my face feeling fresh.

Finally, to finish off my skincare routine, I moisturize my face with Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer. This is the most expensive product on my skincare routine list (retailing at $44 CAD per pot) but it is absolutely worth every dollar! With this moisturizer, a little--and I mean a LITTLE--goes a very long way! I just use a dot a little smaller than a pea and massage it into my face while my toner is still damp. This helps spread the product evenly throughout my face. Vanishing cream is so lightweight but packs a whole lot of moisture, which is why I love using it for the spring. I like my skin to stay hydrated without looking oily--because the heat will already be aiding to create an oily mess on my face. It also dries on matte, unlike many drugstore moisturizers that dry with a bit of a dewy sheen. Because my skin is so sensitive, I am usually worried about heavy moisturizers because they tend to clog my pores, causing me to breakout more often; but with Vanishing Cream, I have never had that issue. I also am in love with how smooth my face feels after application. 

This is my current spring skincare routine for my sensitive skin. It has continued to keep my skin from breaking out while preventing oily or flaking skin. This routine also keeps my skin feeling soft, clean and fresh! It is absolutely perfect! What are some of your favorite skincare products?


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