Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino | Worth The Buy?

Starbucks just recently released a beautifully crafted, Instagram-worthy Frappuccino as majestic and rare (and by rare, I mean Limited Time Availability until April 23rd) as a Unicorn itself. As gorgeous as this color changing, bright purple, pink and blue Frappuccino is, is it really Worth the Buy? Well, here I am trying it out for you, so that you don't have to sulk in unicorn tears if it sucks!

First of all, as you've probably already been aware of, it is super sugary. A Grande Unicorn Frapp is 410 calories and is made up of Ice, Milk (naturally whole Milk), Mango Syrup, Blue Drizzle, and topped with whipped cream and blue and pink powder. For those of you who are not a barista: That's a LOT of sugar. It is basically a magical mix of different sugars, ice and milk. If you do choose to try this drink out, prepare yourself for a sugar rush!

I have heard very mixed opinions on this drink online and had to try it for myself. For reviewing purposes, I purchased a Grande (16oz) Frapp--just in case I didn't end up liking it, I wouldn't hate myself as much and feel less obligated to finish the drink (but hey, don't tell me I'm the only one who does that!).

Now for the question you've been waiting for: Is it worth the buy?!

It isn't as horrible as everyone says it is. It isn't as magical, neither. If you have ever had a Mango Milk Tea or Mango Milk Tea Slush, that is what the base tastes like. Then you get random shocks of sour blue syrup. I probably could have gone without the sourness of the blue syrup, to be honest with you. If you never have had a mango milk tea, though, you may not like it because it is a taste you need to acquire for yourself.

Honestly, I don't think it lives up to the hype. I drank the whole thing and kind of enjoyed it, but it isn't something I'd go out of my way to order every morning. It isn't that special. There are plenty of other drinks I'd prefer to order over this.  As it sits, the ingredients start to separate, and it looks super gross. So drink it quick if you'd like to avoid seeing it (see photo below).

I think this is something each individual person would have to try on their own, to see if they actually like it. Different tastes buds perceive taste differently so different people may enjoy it and different people may not. It's personal preference. But, for my taste buds, it really wasn't worth the buy.

Have you tried the Unicorn Frapp yet? What were your thoughts?


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