A Week Away In Ottawa | Ottawa Adventure Diary

Happy Tuesday, Cupcakes! I can't believe how quick last week just flew by! Adam and I took a lovely road trip to Ottawa, ON. where we spent the week. For those of you who are unaware where Ottawa is (shout out to my international readers), it is the nation capital of Canada! We had so much fun exploring and living like locals (or at least trying) for the week! 

We spent most of our time in our Airbnbs. Our first three nights were spent in the neighborhood of Carlington where we stayed at Sonia's condo. It was very beautifully decorated and spacious. We spent a lot of our time here cooking, watching Netflix and YouTube on her big screen TV, and just relaxing. It was such an ideal location because it was located near several restaurants, grocery stores, and a mini-mall.

Even though we spent the first three days mostly relaxing, we had one major mission: try out some awesome local coffee shops that we cannot get back home. We visited Bridgehead Coffeehouse and The Ministry of Coffee. Bridgehead was okay (a bit over-hyped for our liking), but we really loved The Ministry of Coffee! In these two coffee adventures, we also got to spend a couple hours exploring the neighborhoods of Westboro (Bridgehead Coffeehouse) and Downtown Ottawa (The Ministry of Coffee). Both areas were so much fun to walk around and explore.

In-between check-out of our first Airbnb and checking-into our second Airbnb, Adam and I decided to take an adventure to Downtown Ottawa again. Originally, we were planning to park near Parliament, but ended up parking a couple streets down because we saw a HUGE Canada Computers. We spent an hour or so just browsing and checking out all the cool things they had that our local locations didn't have.

We, then, took a walk down to Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal. We did a lot of walking around and sightseeing. We even took a stroll over the Rideau Canal on one of those little extension bridges over the water. We actually weren't sure if we were even allowed to walk over them, but some lady ran over it, so we followed her (lol).

Then we spent the afternoon at the Rideau Centre, browsing all the shops. We also had lunch at Umi Sushi.

Our second Airbnb (Martin & Johnson's condo) was gorgeous! The decor was adorable and it really felt like home. Adam and I were even considering finding a condo like this in the future (maybe in a better location though).

After checking-in, we decided to just relax some more, since it was our last night in Ottawa. We took a trip to St Laurent Mall, where we bought Bourbon for dinner, then spent the evening eating our take-out while watching Vlogs and Anime all night.

On our road trip home, we decided to take the scenic route, and ended up in many small cottage towns like Westport. It was absolutely gorgeous!

We also made a stop at The Big Apple, where we bought lots of treats to bring home and hung out with some farm animals! I really enjoyed the Apple Stuffed Churros and the Apple & Caramel Biscotti the most! Adam also bought a bunch of apple fritters and other delicious apple pastries for his family.

I just can't believe it is over! We had such an amazing time spending time together, relaxing, and exploring. Adam and I both work full time during the summer, so little trips like these are always the highlights of our summer vacation.

Do you have any fun trips planned for the summer? Need any ideas? Check out my summer bucketlist!


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  1. Ugh, I'm always so in love with your photos! Looks like an absolutely gorgeous trip. I'm glad you had good Airbnb experiences too! I'm a huge fan, my husband and I have stayed in three so far and always enjoy them.

    1. Thanks so much Miss Ashlee! Ottawa was amazing! Adam and I are even considering living there in the future after graduation! Yeah, Airbnb is amazing! We have been using it for 3 years now and have yet to have a bad experience! I'm so glad you and your husband love it too!