20 Fun Adventures To Go On This Summer | Summer BucketList

If I ever had to pick a season I love the most, it would hands down be summer! I just love the warm weather and available time for adventures. I'm always seeking something new to do! Since we have just entered spring and I just finished my university school year, I thought this would be the perfect time to write up my Bucket list for the summer!

If you're bored this summer or is in need of some new ideas of things to do, here are 20 Things To Do In The Summer from my Bucketlist! All of these ideas are not necessarily location specific and could easily be accomplished in most places where it is warm-weathered.
  1. See a movie in a drive-in theater 
  2. Go on a road trip to a destination farther than 2 hours away
  3. Pick a random small town on Google Maps nearby, have lunch and explore
  4. Try every crafted drink on my favorite cafe's menu
  5. Enjoy lunch/drinks on a restaurant's patio
  6. Eat a foot long corn dog at the carnival 
  7. Watch fireworks on a summer holiday 
  8. Have a picnic date in the park
  9. Have a water gun fight with friends
  10. Eat a snow cone at the beach
  11. Rent a cottage and have a bonfire 
  12. Go to a local "Paint Nite"
  13. Go on a nature hike at a National Park
  14. Visit downtown and have a food adventure exclusively at indie restaurants
  15. Attempt roughing-it Camping
  16. Spend a couple hours at a Board Game Cafe/eSports Cafe
  17. Be a tourist-for-a-day in the closest tourist-y city
  18. Sing wholeheartedly at a Karaoke Bar
  19. Visit a festival or convention
  20. Enjoy a romantic dinner cruise 
How many of these do you check off at the end of the summer? Download my Summer Bucket List Freebie to check them off as you go, and tag me @jennibearrxo_ with the hashtag #JBxoBucketlist17 on Instagram to share your adventures!
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  1. What a great list, I love creating seasonal bucket lists!

  2. Oh my gosh what a fun bucket list Jen!!!! This is really fun. It's tough to "rough it" camp here because so much is so close but camping is always on our summer list. Not sure we'll get to it this year cause of the baby but we'll see how it goes!!

    1. Thank you Dina! Soon enough you will have two little ones running around the campsite! Wishing you well in the last couple days of pregnancy! xo

  3. We have a drive-in movie on our bucket list for this summer too! That and National Parks, since they're free this year for Canada's 150th Anniversary. We always try to camp too and since this is our first full summer home in a couple years, it will definitely be something we try to do. Great post!


    1. I love drive-in movies! We got the Canada's 150th Anniversary Park Pass too! Have lots of fun adventures this summer Deanna!