Travel Morning Routine | How I Stay On Top Of Work While Traveling

Happy Tuesday, Loves! If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably didn't know that I'm in Ottawa, Ontario right now and will be for the rest of the week for a little summer staycation. Even though I am away from home, that definitely does not mean my week is all play with no work. I have created a little routine for myself that I use every single time I am away to help me be productive while allowing some time for exploration too.

Today I will be sharing with you my Travel Morning Routine. 

Good Morning! I tend to start my mornings at 9:00am while on Holidays to ensure I have a little time to myself to get some work done. Today, I slept in a little bit and decided to wake up at 9:30am instead. Immediately after I wake up, I head to the washroom where I freshen up, brush my teeth, go through my skincare routine, and try to at least feel presentable. 

After freshening up for the morning, I usually head over to the kitchen where I make myself a big ol' cup of tea or coffee to enjoy while I do some work. Today, I opted for some tea because I knew I was going to go out and grab some coffee later on in the day.

After making my tea or coffee, I usually sit in the living room and try to get some work done. I like to do this instead of working in bed because it gives Adam some time to get a little bit more sleep while preventing me from wanting to fall back asleep. During this time, I will usually answer e-mails, get some blog photos done, write/edit a blog post, post on social media, write a newsletter to my readers or reply to comments. I will usually go for about an hour or two, depending on how much work I have left to get done. 

After I've gotten most of my work done (or I get pretty hungry), I'll head back to the bedroom to wake Adam up. We usually say our good mornings followed by me jumping on the bed to wake him up and dragging him out of bed because I want food (lol). If we are making breakfast from our Airbnb, we just head over to the kitchen to cook but if we plan on going out that morning, we spend 30 minutes getting ready then head out the door.

Today we ordered take-out from Bridgehead Coffee Shop. We wanted to try a local coffee shop that wasn't available back home. Bridgehead seems to be everywhere in Ottawa, so we decided to give it a try. We took a drive to the neighborhood of Westboro to visit a Bridgehead and ordered 2 caramel lattes & 2 cheese, egg and ham toasts To-Go.

And now, we are ready to start our day and conqueror any adventures we have planned!

That is typically how my mornings go about when I travel. What is your travel morning routine? How do you make time for work while you travel? I'd love to hear about it all down below in the comments!


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  1. You two are so darn cute! I definitely applaud you for managing to work a bit while on vacation. I barely want to work when I'm not on vacation, haha!

    1. Thank you Ashlee! <3 Haha, its definitely hard to get myself to work while on vacation, but you know us bloggers gotta make due, unfortunately!

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