How To Plan A Stress-Free Group Trip + Freebie!

Happy Sunday Loves! I know I have already dipped my toes in the summer-themed blog posts, but I am super excited to plunge head first into many more posts now that it is officially the summer time! That begin said, I thought I'd share with you, this week, how I stay stress-free while traveling with a group!

My secret weapon is a planner (Surprise, surprise!). Typically, I organize my thoughts using OneNote, but obviously that isn't as accessible for those traveling to areas with no WiFi or signal (aka. potentially me when my group of friends leave for the cottage). Because of that, I designed a printable planner that you can download and print, for yourself, to plan your next group trip with! Download link will be provided at the end of the post!

Moving forward, here are a couple tips I use to stay organized while planning a group trip:

Keep All Important Information Together
Typically this would include:

  • Accommodations Information (Contact Info/Address/Reservation Number, etc.) 
  • Check in/out times
  • Location (Meeting Places/Accomodations/etc.) 
  • Number of Guests
  • Etc. 
I like to keep it all on an itinerary. It is important to keep it simplified onto one page because then you won't be searching through multiple files and pages looking for information. It is all quick and accessible to you. 

Make Lists & Tables 
I find this is most pleasing to the eye and helps keep things easy to find. Need to know how much someone still owes you for the trip? Need to know who has and hasn't RSVP'd? It is quick and easy to find in a table or list! I also like this because it helps me keep track on how to contact people. My friends and I barely text (mostly talk via Facebook Messenger), but in many instances while traveling, WiFi isn't accessible. Knowing someones contact information and having it saved is very important to staying stress free. 

Use Sticky Notes For Pending Information 
Anything that isn't 100% sure, just use a sticky note. This way, your canvas (in this case, your sleeping arrangement chart) is left clean and simplified. With sticky notes, you can easily move around information that you aren't sure about. Once information is confirmed, you can write it in with pen.

Now for the part I'm sure you've been waiting for: 

(Free Printable Planner!) 

13 Pages
Guest Lists (Up To 30 People)
Sleeping Arrangement Pages
Carpool Arrangement Pages
Grocery Lists
Blank Note Pages 


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  1. Thanks for the help. I am always the one planning the group trips and it gets very stressed and now i can uses your tips.

    1. My pleasure! I hope you enjoy the printable and tips when planning your next trip!