Why I switched from Samsung To iPhone 7?!

Happy Tuesday, Loves! After reading the title, you're probably thinking "Wait... whaaaaa?! Aren't you an Android user?!" And right you are. For many years, I have been a die hard Android lover. But, after multiple days of consideration (and multiple phone calls to Telus to annoy them with my billion questions), I finally decided to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S6 to an iPhone 7. Today, I'll be sharing with you the real reasons why I switched to #TeamiPhone!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and not meant to brag (obviously). I purchased the iPhone 7 with my own money. The intention of this post is to share the reasons why I made the switch because, as I said before, I was a die-hard Android fan. I hope this post opens some eyes to see that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

So, why did I switch from Android to Apple?

Many of the Lifestyle Apps I wanted to review for my Blog were only available in the Apple App Store. Every time I found an awesome Lifestyle App I wanted to test and review, I was unable to download it because it was only available in the Apple App Store. Sometimes I'd try to download it onto my iPad, but it is kind of hard to thoroughly review an app when you have to lug around an iPad that only works over WiFi.

I have an iPad Mini 2 and thoroughly enjoy iOS. I have experienced iOS through my iPad and really did enjoy the interface. It seems simplistic on the outside, but all of the shortcuts and gestures are something you really need to get used to. On Android, I never used a lot of the features (like Widgets or multiple home screens, for example), so it just seemed like a waste for my use of a smart phone.

It is more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. I like the way the iPhone looks. It is sleek, simplistic and colourful. Anybody that knows me knows that I love cute phones with cute cases. My Samsung Galaxy S6 was the Platinum Gold colour, but I was very sad to see that Samsung did not have that available for the S8. I don't want a black or white phone. iPhone really got me here, because they had both Gold AND Rose Gold available. Plus, when shopping for cases, iPhones always have the cuter cases (mostly because the iPhone case market understands that when girls shop for phone cases, majority of them want cute cases--AKA ME!).

I wanted a phone upgrade but the iPhone 7 was more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy S8. When I finally decided to upgrade, the iPhone 7 was $0 on a two year plan, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S8 was $100 for a two year plan. You can see exactly why I decided the iPhone was the better option for me.

I could Face Time & iMessage my Boyfriend. This is more of a personal choice, but Adam and I liked the idea of being able to Face Time and iMessage. We, now, Face Time every night before bed instead of calling. We also liked how iMessage have the Read receipts. The Read receipts are the only reason why we originally were using Facebook Messenger. But now, we no longer need that additional app. We also share our location with one another on iMessage, which is nice to know where the other is. These are some features some people don't really like, but we have really been enjoying them.

Those are some of the reasons why I made the switch. Obviously this wasn't a choice that I just made over night. I spent multiple days doing research, bothering Telus representatives over the phone and hard thinking before I decided to switch. I originally was scared I was going to regret this decision, but in the end, I am actually in love with my iPhone. It feels smoother with many of the apps I use on a regular basis, the battery life lasts me almost two days, and more than anything, it just feels more me


Let me know down below: Are you #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid and let me now why?

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